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Will Wandale Robinson flip to Nebraska like some think even though he says he plans to be at Kentucky?

All-American Wandale Robinson with coach Don Miller. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)


He’s climbed into the top 100 rankings by some recruiting services and Tuesday received his jersey for being selected as one of only 100 players to play in the Jan. 2 All-American Bowl in San Antonio.

However, Western Hills’ star Wandale Robinson made more news Tuesday with a reported likely flip of his college commitment to Nebraska over Kentucky maybe as soon as today. Justin Rowland and 247’s Steve Wiltfong both indicated a Robinson flip to Nebraska seemed likely.

However, at the same time news about Robison bailing on his commitment to UK broke, he was telling a group of media members that included the Lexington Herald’s Josh Moore, WKYT-TV’s Lee K. Howard and myself that he was solid with Kentucky. He indicated he still planned to sign with UK in two weeks, graduate early and be on the UK campus for the second semester.

“The only other school recruiting me right now is Nebraska,” Robinson said when asked how he stood with UK. “They’ve been coming at me hard, but I knew that recruiting wouldn’t stop until December 19th so I’ve just been ready for the whole process.”

A week ago I was in Frankfort when a Purdue assistant coach stopped to see Robinson a day before coach Jeff Brohm announced he was staying at Purdue rather than taking the Louisville job. Robinson told me then the only way he would not be at UK was if coach Mark Stoops and his staff left.

Robinson told me the same day he was good friends with Louisville Moore defensive end J.J. Weaver and that he would commit to UK. Two days later Weaver did.

Robinson has also been trying to get former Oregon commit Jared Casey, a linebacker from Ballard, to pick UK. His announcement is set for Thursday afternoon — the same day Robinson will be in Louisville to receive the Paul Hornung Award as the state’s top high school player from the Louisville Quarterback Club.

“We’re gonna see what Jared has to do on Thursday, and J.J. obviously committed this past Friday,” said Robinson. “Really, all the kids that they’ve really tried to get me after, I’ve went after.”

Reports surfaced that Kentucky coaches made another visit with Robinson Thursday after his jersey ceremony and his comments that he was solid with Kentucky.

Those closest to Robinson — his parents, family members, girlfriend and others — all seem in favor of him going to UK and Robinson said Tuesday his status had changed since his commitment to UK.

“I walk around just regular places and somebody recognizes me and I didn’t realize it (his commitment to UK) was that big,” Robinson said.

It was because he’s a four-star player, top 100 recruit and a potential game-breaker for Stoops and the Cats.

Will he flip? I don’t know but until he says otherwise, I am going to believe what he has told me face to face because not once in the last four months has he been anything but totally honest with me — and every other media member I know.


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  1. Why would anyone want to flip from an up and coming program like UK to a tanking program like Nebraska?
    I’m betting he stays with Kentucky.

    1. How do you figure Nebraska is tanking? They are a team on the rise and will most likely be in the playoff hunt way before, if ever Kentucky is there?

  2. I have posted this before, and posting it again here.

    1) A verbal commitment in college football recruiting obviously means nothing to the players or to the coaches.

    2) If a verbal commitment means anything, the (a) the player would cease all recruiting with other schools AND (b) other coaches would cease all contact with the player.

    3) If a player wants to withdraw a verbal commitment, there is nothing preventing it, but he should have the integrity to do so openly by declaring such after notifying the coaches at his school of commitment of his decision to reopen his recruitment, at which time he returns to the open pool of available players and any school interested may initiate contact with the player.

    Why is this such a difficult set of conduct rules for people in college football to accept and adopt?

  3. I hope he sticks with UK, and I believe he will and not pull a Dammien Harris on the Cats. His choice though.

    1. Harris never was committed to UK.
      He had an open recruitment and we lost out.

      1. He never committed you are right, but he sure strung Stoops and the BBN along in the process now didn’t he? I remember the trip Stoops took by helicopter to see him play HS football. I remember him in the stands when UK played USC. It was not decided until the day he signed with Alabama. That is how I remember it. Many of us thought maybe, just maybe, he will pick UK. You are right John, he didn’t. No love lost here, but hey it’s a free country.

      2. Exactly right John. Damien never once said UK was his leader or that he was committed. He just waited and chose Bama

        1. As I recall, DH never said Alabama was his leader either. When his decision was finally made at his high high school gym, with much fanfare, there were three hats on the table. One representing UK, one for Alabama, and one for Ohio State. So that tells me he had narrowed his choices down to three. You will never convince me he didn’t lead UK and the BBN on big time. UK thought it was in the hunt until the day he committed, and actually signed his letter of intent with the Tide. That is his right, but some of us don’t have to like it, I hope the guy stays in Alabama. I’m not real happy about Robinson either, who did commit, but UK will survive. Just being honest. UK could have used both players.

          1. Let me just add that I am not happy at all when Saban and Alabama, who get the cream of the crop in football players nation wide every year, come in here and steal a native son form right under our nose.

  4. It’s OFFICIAL..he reneged on his 100% commitment to UK..This is Damian Harris can this kid look at himself in the mirror with all the lies he spun and all the coaches and people he played as well. Reasonable to expect that he and his family will take some major grief when out in the public and deservedly so..but remember..he will be enrolling at UK in January and continue to recruit other UK targets..what a scumbag this kid is.

    1. Hey Mike,
      I know he handled this very poorly, but when you look at his skill set it was not a good fit with UK. I did not think he would keep his commitment to UK once he really thought about. UK offense is just not a good fit. I don’t think he would have gotten many opportunities to show what he can do as long as Gran is calling the plays.
      I really thought he might consider Purdue because look at what Rondale Moore did for them this season as a true freshman. The closest player UK has to Robinson is Bowden, and Moore had twice as many yards and nearly twice as many catches as Bowden. I think Robinson is looking for something like that at Nebraska and you really can’t blame him for anything other than how he handled it.

  5. OF….you do make a great point on Gran and this is more a knock on him than Stoops. Personally I wouldn’t want to play for Gran either although he showed some improvement in last game.

    1. just remember that Gran can only do what the head coach allows

  6. LV….You may be correct with this response but if Stoops has this much control over the offense we will have a truer evaluation of both Gran and Stoops a year from now when we may be playing with less experience and less talent in critical areas.

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