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Receiver Tavin Richardson leaving UK

Tavin Richardson (Keith Taylor Photo)


Receiving depth/production has been a problem for coach Mark Stoops’ teams at Kentucky and now the Cats have lost senior receiver Tavin Richardson.

He announced on social media that he was transferring for his final season. He has made 25 career starts, including all 13 in 2018 when he only caught 13 passes for 114 yards after making 27 catches for 371 yards in 2017. His freshman year in 2016 he had nine catches for 160 yards and started five games.

Richardson has played in every game the last three years, so UK is losing 39 games of playing experience.

His departure comes one day after sophomore receiver Lynn Bowden posted this on social media: “I will be the most explosive &exciting player in college football next year!!”

Kentucky will return experience with players like Josh Ali, Isaiah Epps and Allen Dailey, who many think could be a rising star his sophomore year much like Bowden was in 2018.


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  1. He wants the ball more I guess, but maybe there is more that has been unsaid here. Don’t understand why young men do this because they have to go establish themselves at a new school, new offense, etc, etc. and only have one year to do that. Wish him well. hate to hear this bit of news.

  2. There has to be more to it than just more passing opportunities? Why are we losing experienced receivers for their senior season? This will be one of those mysteries that we will not find out about for several years. I feel those with connections know what is going on, but are keeping their sources confidential. I hope it does not hurt the team going forward.

    1. Shades of Badet here, and yes there is more to this transfer for a guy that started all 13 games in 2018 and only caught 13 passes. it has to be the run first mentality of the UK offense as another reason IMO. I don’t look for that to change in 2019 with the UK backs in the stable now, There is only so many games and so many opportunities in a game for every talented receiver, and Bowden seems to be the bell cow now, so Richardson bails.

  3. I don’t blame him. Gran made the comment several times this past season that he needed better receivers. Why stay for your Senior year just to be put down.
    I truly believe UK’s problem at receiver has more to do with QB, play calling, and play design than with the receiver.

  4. We finished last in the SEC in passing last year and this is on Gran. Snell saved his butt this year but what will happen next year? Gran also caused CJ to lose a lot of money because of forgetting he was on the team for much of the year. To CJ’s credit, he handled the situation very graciously. I would like to see Gran on a much shorter leash after next year but that probably won’t happen.

  5. Mike, I am not sure all this goes on Gran. I think Stoops has Gran on a very short leash, and I also think Stoops would run 100% of the time if he could get the fans to sit and watch it.

  6. OldFan…..Guess there has been some growing evidence during the past season that you might be correct. I would still fault Gran for not being able to execute under his job description. Makes you wonder how much was discussed about who controls what at time of hiring.

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