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First time eating at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort was a dream

DreamMore Resort’s dessert bar was sinful — and really good. (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)


PIGEON FORGE, Tenn. — One great thing about coming to Pigeon Forge is that we always find something different to do or see each time.

Tuesday it was our first time to eat at Dollywood’s DreamMore Resort.

I heard someone at Margaritaville at the Island where we are staying talk about the great dinner buffet there that is buy one, get one free for local residents at this time of year. But since we are here so much, they gave us the same deal.

That meant two of us ate for $24, including ice tea. And what a meal it was.

I tried to start smart with the salad but followed that up with pinto beans, mashed potatoes, sweet corn and broccoli. I also could have had sweet potatoes or gone to the baked potato bar.

I also had fish, fried chicken and ham that was carved in front of me. My wife had the pork chops and chicken & dumplings.

I really liked that there was a special buffet for kids that had macaroni, tater tots and fish nuggets along with a variety of fruit. It’s served the same way as the “adult” buffet so kids won’t feel slighted.

Where else can you pull off a fresh donut and add your own toppings? (Larry Vaught/Verizon Photo)

And the dessert bar was sinful. I had the hot peach cobbler — that was great. But there was chocolate cake, cheesecake, turnovers, cookies, brownies, cream puff and more. There were also old-fashioned donuts hanging on a rack that you could pull them off of and then had a variety of toppings.

The setting in the restaurant was perfect and the staff could not have been nicer.

I would highly recommend this — and I was told the breakfast buffet is even better. Obviously, that’s something I will have to try on my next trip to Pigeon Forge in May.


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  1. Oh, Larry…reading this reminds me just how MISERABLE I was last time I ate there. I ate so much–it was so good–and, “the flesh is weak”–I still vividly remember…I swore I would never over-eat again…

    1. The dessert bar “killed” me. It was all so good

  2. To much good food is hard to resist! It is wonderful eating, but stopping at a reasonable time is difficult. I would rather concentrate on one good choice, without feeling guilty.

    1. You are right Ben, but I love to eat

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