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Lincoln County cheerleaders get their chance to shine in Orlando today

Lincoln County cheerleaders (white shirts) at Monday’s practice. (Amy Bastin Photo)


Not everything has gone smoothly for the Lincoln County High School cheerleaders on their trip to the Citrus Bowl — an invitation they earned by winning a camp competition last summer.

One thing the squad hoped to do was meet the national champion University of Kentucky cheerleaders who are there to cheer today when UK takes on Penn State at 1 p.m. The Lincoln squad got invited to a UK practice but had their own practice at the same time for today’s pregame performance.

“The girls were disappointed but we are still hoping to get with them before the game and at least get a picture then,” said Lincoln cheer coach Amy Bastin. “It was really great to get the invitation but the timing just didn’t work.”

However, the Lincoln cheer squad has a prime spot for today’s performance. They will be on the 35-yard line — the first group — because they knew the performance routine better than other squads there.

If you are facing the performers — and hopefully the TV cameras will be — the Lincoln cheerleaders will be to the left of midfield on the 35-yard line.

“We have been having a great time here and been doing a lot. I am already ready for the bus ride home so I can get some sleep,” Bastin said. “But it has been such a great experience for all of us and our girls are all having a great, great time. We’re just lucky that we had so much support to help us get here.”

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