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Parking is Calipari’s biggest fan concern for GameDay

John Calipari at GameDay.  (Amber Tyler Photo)


Fans get excited when ESPN College GameDay is on site like it is for Saturday’s Kentucky-Kansas game in Rupp Arena. However, Kentucky coach John Calipari says the players don’t get caught up in the hype like fans do.

“They don’t go down there (for GameDay). They don’t see it,” Calipari said Friday. “I don’t think it does, but it’s great for our fans. It’s great for the people to see.

“It’s funny, that building, whatever’s in it, most of them don’t have tickets to the game. And then there will be 24,000 at the game and whatever thousand, 20,000, is at that thing. You think about it, one day. It’s a pretty big deal.”

Yes it is and certainly will be again Saturday morning when UK fans take pride in having one of GameDay’s biggest crowds of the season.

However, Calipari does have one valid concern.

“The only thing to be concerned about is the parking and all being able to get to the arena,” Calipari said. “It’s like crazy right now.

“Someone says the crowd is late arriving (at a game). Yeah they’ve been here for 30 minutes; they can’t get in the building. So, that’s made it tough, but no, I think our fans will come. Juts reminding them that it’s a big deal and let’s take advantage of it.”


  1. It’s time to build a on campus basketball arena with parking sites or garages surrounded it. It’s way over due state paid for the Yum Yum center in Louisville why can’t our be love cats have a new building paid by the state.

  2. The state was trying to even the playing field between UK and Lousyville. I don’t see them doing anything to tip the scale over to KY’s side.

    1. Stay at Rupp as long as they can, it is the tradition there that counts. It was even too before the Yum Center, the Cardinals had Freedom Hall. Cats79 has a point though. My question, where would they build it on the UK campus and have anymore parking available?

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