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PJ Washington: “We just need to bring it on both ends”

PJ Washington (Vicky Graff Photo)


If PJ Washington is right, Kentucky learned some valuable lessons against Texas A&M, a game where it fell behind 10-0 to start the game.

“That we just need to bring it on both ends of the floor for 40 minutes,” Washington said Friday when asked what the team learned. “That’s one thing we’ve been trying to work on the whole year. I just feel like we need to start somewhere and keep getting better at it.”

Why the 10-0 deficit to start the game?

“We weren’t making shots and unfortunately they were making everything,” Washington said. “I feel like our defense could have been better and our offense could have been better as well. I’m just glad we came out and put some pressure on them.”

Washington had a first half to forget before his second-half play helped UK pull away for the win.

“I got in foul trouble early so I had to come out and sit with Coach,” Washington said. “In that second half, I tried to put some pressure on them, make a couple shots, get some rebounds and do the best I can for my team.”


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  1. PJ likes to talk the talk but not walk it. He has rarely tried to play a full 40 on both ends since he has been here.

  2. I do hope he does much better tonight.

  3. PJ is becoming a non factor fast.

  4. PJ just needs his A$$ kicked. He isn’t self motivated..coaching staff can’t motivate him…and his dad apparently has no control either. Hope he does leave at end of year and takes Nick with him.

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