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Reid Travis “reverted” to old habits in 77-75 loss at Alabama

Reid Travis (UK Athletics Photo)


By midway of the first half, Kentucky center Reid Travis had 10 points and Kentucky’s offense was scoring at a pace fast enough to match hot-shooting Alabama.

However, Travis made just one of five shots in the second half to finish with 12 points, six rebounds and five turnovers in the 77-75 loss at Alabama to open Southeastern Conference play.
Kentucky coach John Calipari had a simple explanation for what happened to Travis.

“He reverted. He tried to gather himself on every catch,” Calipari said. “One, he walked. I mean, just catch it and dunk it. Why even try to gather.

“I told him, ‘All the work we put in, you got into this game and you didn’t trust it and you reverted.’ But he’ll be fine. He’s the least of our worries, believe me.”

Teammate PJ Washington had his own struggles even though he finished with 15 points, seven rebounds, one assist, one steal and just one turnover. However, Washington had just two rebounds the first half, then got four in the first five minutes of the second half. But he got just one more rebound the rest of the way.

Washington wasn’t about to let Travis take blame for the loss or get down on himself.

“We just tell him to keep his head up, keep fighting. We need him down the stretch. We need him for this team to win,” Washington said. “He’s doing a great job for us. He just had one bad half. He’ll shake it off and be ready for the next game.”

Travis also missed a 3-pointer later in the game when UK was trying to mount a comeback. He has made just five 3-pointers in UK’s previous 12 games, but Calipari said it was a called play.

“If you wonder about Reid’s 3, he was supposed to (take the shot). I called that in the timeout,” Calipari said. “I knew they were not going to play him and he can make that shot.”

He was right about Alabama not playing him and giving him the shot. He was wrong about him making it.
But Kentucky just made 13 of 37 shots in the second half — and that was by making six of its final eight shots.


  1. Don’t know that Washington needs to be talking about anyone else’s play with his own inconsistent play. Don’t know that Cal needs to be throwing just 1 starter under the bus with saying Reid reverted. Cal needs to find a way to get a couple of guy s started rather than worrying about who might be reverting. Bench play and contribution has been pathetic. Did Cal forget that Baker on the bench and has ability to hit the 3?

  2. Only Calapari can take a stud like Travis and turn him into a mediocre player. Nick Richards played great in the Bahamas with Cal off the bench and then becomes a non factor with Cal on the bench. He claimed Washington should be scoring 35 points a game after the embarrassment with Seton Hall and he has become noticeably absent from the scoring column the past 3 games. He has Herro playing tight again and Baker can’t even get in the game. Charles Mathews has 16 first half points for Michigan, the No. 2 team nationally vs. Indiana but he couldn’t play at UK??? Wiltjer blossomed at Gonzaga, even on the defensive end, but he was a liability at UK. How much more proof do we need??? Calapari is the problem. It’s time for him to move on.

  3. Has CAL ever thought to let Payne or his other coaches to coach a game like he did in the Bahamas to keep the pressure off the players. At times I really think CAL put too much pressure on the players to performed that he wants from them. Another note our fan base and the media needs to back off when we lose it’s not fair to the players .They represent UK as best they can and that’s all I can ask for.

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