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Tyler Herro has become a “big-time athlete

Tyler Herro (Vicky Graff Photo)


Tyler Herro’s legacy just gets better and  better.

He had 20 points at Auburn in Saturday’s 82-80 win, including the go-ahead free throw, and impressed Auburn coach Bruce Pearl  a lot.

“He’s really good. Tyler Herro was an elite high school player; could have gone anywhere in the country. He’s a big-time athlete. I mean, he’s a big kid. So, no, I mean — I think Keldon and Tyler’s ability at guard, at 6-6, 6-7, whatever they are, was a factor.

Not everyone agreed about Herro being elite — even though he was. He did not make the McDonald’s All-American team and was not rated as high nationally as UK’s other freshmen. But he’s become a playmaker for Kentucky and has even improved dramatically on defense to where coach John Calipari had him on Auburn’s leading scorer, Bryce Brown.

”It wasn’t bad. He did pretty good. He’s trying, works his butt off and tries,” Calipari said.

But Herro did commit one foul on a 3-point shot by Brown that infuriated Calipari.

“The problem is that once the game gets going they revert, and start playing like it’s a high school game. For example, that Tyler foul , and I asked why he’d do that when we’re ready to bury them? So that’s the kind of stuff where we just have to tighten the ship up,” Calipari said.

Still, Kentucky did win its second straight SEC road game after starting SEC play with a loss at Auburn.

“That was a great atmosphere out there. Just sticking together, which we did, that was good to see. I think we’ve come a long way from where we were at the beginning of the season. We got leaders out there. PJ (Washington) and Reid (Travis) did a great job leading us and sticking together,” Herro said.


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  1. Calipari just needs to get off Tyler’s butt and let him play.

  2. Pup….Rick Barnes is the stud…better coach than Cal and better business model.

  3. Herro can play, that’s for sure.

    Mike, I don’t know if he is better than Cal at some things, but if Cal were to ever leave UK for any reason, Barnes would be my first choice to replace him if I was doing the hiring. I don’t think we have too worry about that though. Cal is going nowhere, and MB would never fire him. Also, I think some people who are tired of Calipari right now better think twice. They just might NOT GET what they are hoping for in a replacement. The old devil himself at Duke is around for the long haul over there, win or lose, year in year out, same with old Roy at UNC. Cal is the same at UK too IMO. Calipari was made for UK. He will be hard to replace if he leaves on his own. Say what you will, he has made UK basketball relevant in this era.

  4. Ok Mike, has Rick Barnes won a National Title or even taken a team to the final four. No if I’m right. I got a lot of respect for Rick but I don’t think your are a true big blue fan. All I can say root for someone else and quit down grading CAL and our be Love cats.

    1. Come on Cats79….of course I am a big blue fan…just not as forgiving as some of you are for continuation of the OND and Cal’s failure to pull in any bigs that can help us inside He settles for long and lean and they don’t have the motors or motivation to play hard and take advantage of their height. Barnes has not won a national title and many, many others haven’t either. How many has Cal won?…and he has many more 5* star recruits yearly than 95% of other coaches. How many 5* guys does Barnes have now?

  5. Rick is at UT because he got FIRED AT TEXAS not because he is a great coach. He had Kevin Durant. He had a lot of good recruits at Texas and none of it got him a ring. He has a career 22-23 NCAA record 19-16 at Texas. That is not an acceptable record to coach UK. Sometimes you guys really make me laugh

    1. Get over yourself UKFMLY. Besides, laughing is good for the soul, so enjoy our humor Mr. Know it All.

  6. Although Cal’s recruiting success has tapered off, I still think he’s the best fit for Kentucky. I would certainly hate to lose him and I just don’t see anyone out there who could adequately fill his shoes at this point in time.

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