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UK cheerleaders win 24th national title

Kentucky cheerleaders won a fourth straight national title Sunday. (Jeff Houchin Photo)

LEXINGTON, Ky. – The University of Kentucky cheerleaders won their 24th national championship at the Universal Cheerleaders Association finals competition Sunday night in Orlando, Fla.

Competing among the Division IA Coed squads, this year’s win was the fourth in a row for Kentucky cheer under Coach Jomo Thompson. Although Kentucky has won 24 championships in the last 35 years, it is only the second time that UK has strung together a quadruple triumph. The Wildcats won a school-record eight straight from 1995-2002.

Kentucky won its first national crown in 1985, also winning in 1987-88, 1992, 1995-2002, 2004-06, 2008-10, 2012, 2014 and 2016-19.

The cheerleaders and dance team will be honored Saturday during the men’s basketball game vs. Kansas. The dance team was entered in three categories over the weekend, placing fifth (Game Day competition), sixth (Hip-Hop) and 12th (Pom). 


  1. 24 championships in 35 years, hmmm. Isn’t this what we are expecting from the basketball team?

  2. No. That is not good enough. Many UK basketball fans want a championship every year, no excuses. When it don’t happen they want to fire the coach.

  3. I don’t expect a national title every year, but I do expect a competitive effort every game, win or lose. Cal believes you can get too good too soon…baloney! That’s Tubby talk. I think Cal lets his team kinda wander around the first 7 or 8 games then tries to work with them. There were numerous times earlier this season where this team look like it had not practiced at all. You could see confusion on everyone’s face, even as late as the Vanderbilt game. That has virtually destroyed Nick’s confidence and EJ is still in a fog. With the Bahama’s trip, they had plenty of time and opportunity to be ready for Duke and we know how that turned out. Duke was ready for sure. I was a Calipari fan in the beginning but one title in 9 years…Tubby was good enough to do that with no 5 star talent. Cal is not getting the best of the best now and its showing in his record. I think it time for him to win or move on. I am not afraid of getting another Billy G. I would think there would be a shot at getting Billy D. Now there is a guy who recruits and coaches and he seems to be able to find a couple of good white kids every year in the process. If that’s politically incorrect, I am fine with it. White kids don’t get the same chance to play anymore, at least not here with Tyler being the lone exception since Patrick Sparks.

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