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Why did UK take steps back? Tyler Herro says it was lack of focus

Tyler Herro (Vicky Graff Photo)


One thing I’ve quickly learned about freshman Tyler Herro is that when you ask him a question, he’s going to give you an honest answer.

Obviously Kentucky did not play well overall in its 85-74 win over Texas A&M Tuesday night. The Cats did at times, but consistently they didn’t play like a top 25 team.

Just ask Herro.

“I think we started pretty slow and eventually we got it going a little bit. Second half we played a little bit better. I think, overall, we have to start games quicker and better,” Herro said.

He didn’t stop there.

“I think against Alabama we started slow too, so I think just being ready from the beginning of the game,” Herro said.

He’s right. Kentucky’s defense couldn’t contain Alabama early in the 77-75 loss last week.

So what got the team finally going against A&M?

“Just moving the ball. Jamarl (Baker) came in and he shared the ball very well,” Herro said. ” Inside we did some good things and outside Ashton (Hagans) was doing great. Ashton continued to make plays and get steals on defense, he creates a lot for us.”

However, Herro — who had a game-high 21 points — didn’t sugar coat the way UK had played the last two games after beating North Carolina and Louisville the previous two games.

“I think we took a step back, definitely at the Alabama game and here tonight, too,” Herro said.


“I think just lack of focus in some areas and defensively, going under ball screens on some guys when we should be going over. Just paying attention to the scouting report and locking in, in that regard,” he said.


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  1. These players have to learn to give it all, all the time! I understand the freshmen, there are still learning. Reid, PJ and Nick have no excuse in their lack of effort.

    Trusting in what Cal has taught them to do and making it happen 100 % of the time is needed to succeed. This is what will be expected at the next level and no one will be ready to make the leap until this is mastered.

    The ones that have mastered this are excelling in the NBA. As Cal has said, this is a process and you cannot skip steps! The sooner this team accepts and acts on this, the sooner the transformation will occur.

    Some teams have this occur sooner than others, but none have let the time run out before the year is over. Please buy in and let the changed occur tomorrow.

  2. Can UK upset UT?…yes, they can if they play their best game of the year and get close to full-team buy in….will they?..probably not because they have better coaching, more experience and they wear their hard hats and bring it every night..could win by double digits X 2.

  3. This team just doesn’t care. They think they are all going to the NBA next year and they aren’t going to lose any sleep about this season, no matter how embarrassing it will be to the BBN.

  4. I think Alabama and TAMU games were steps in the wrong direction for what this team was doing the previous 3 games, and overall since game 7.

    Is is a lack of respect for the no names of the SEC opposition? Is it the “super bowl” attitude of those SEC no names? Is it some of both? Probably.

    The next two games should be major blow outs, but the way this team has started the SEC, I seriously doubt they will get the blow outs, then the road gets really tough.

  5. I suppose it’s hard for the players to be focused when the coach is distracted by learning to speak Chinese… Ni hao. Shay shay.

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