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Would Georgia really hire Eddie Gran as offensive coordinator?

Eddie Gran (Jeff Houchin Photo)


I’m not sure there has been a more under appreciated Kentucky football coordinator than Eddie Gran, who now has had his name surface as a potential candidate for the offensive coordinator position at Georgia.

Kentucky has 24 games the last three seasons with Gran as coordinator and been to a bowl game each year. Benny Snell became UK’s all-time rushing leader and first Cat ever to have three straight 1,000-yard rushing seasons.

Georgia has an opening because Jim Chaney left to become the offensive coordinator at Tennessee, a move that had to be about money.

Kentucky has not been higher than 97th nationally in passing offense since Gran’s arrival after he had the No. 6 offense in the country at Cincinnati  where he had a big-time passing offense.

At Kentucky, Gran’s offense has been run dominated in part because of Snell and in part because of UK’s lack of a big-play threat at quarterback. Both Stephen Johnson and Terry Wilson have been dual-threat guys — and don’t ever forget that coach Mark Stoops likes a run-oriented offense that chews up the clock.

Gran certainly knows the SEC. He not only worked with Stoops at Florida State, but he has coached at Auburn, Tennessee and Mississippi during his career.

Gran made $850,00 at UK this season, a total Georgia certainly would elevate.

Gran’s departure could also impact more than UK’s offense. The Cats have had tremendous success recently recruiting in Florida and much of that has been because of Gran’s ties to southern Florida.

Myself, I still can’t see Georgia fans getting excited over hiring the UK offensive coordinator no matter who it was. There’s just a perception by Georgia fans that they want the best of the best. Maybe I am wrong and Gran can obviously coach, but we’ll see.


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  1. If Kirby Smart wants Gran, and the Admin. concurs, the Georgia fans won’t have much to do with it IMO will they? That said, I don’t think he goes, but money talks and that job is definitely a step above UK in the football crazy SEC. I would love to know what is going through Gran’s mind if he is offered the job. He just may want a change. I’ll believe this only when it happens.

    1. Let me add that if UK (Stoops) really want Gran to stay, raise his salary by matching Georgia’s offer. Don’t let that football factory in Athens steal your coach UK. Of course it is up to Gran in the long run. This could get interesting. Coach Mike are you behind this?

  2. LP, something you didn’t think about: If Stoops is actually holding Gran back from creating the offense he wants and feels comfortable with, like what he had at Cincinnati, he just may want to go somewhere else.
    Georgia will throw the ball down the field and has a QB that can do it.
    Then again, Gran may have convinced Stoops they need a better passing QB than what he has had at UK because they keep offering some good pocket passing QBs; not sure they will get one, but someone is making the offers.

  3. Pup….guess that will be Gran’s call if offered the job. Larry V. has indicated that Stoops really behind the offensive play calling. If that actually the case, I wonder what in Stoop’s background would qualify him to control that side when he could barely control the defense first few years here. Why would Gran cede that much control under those circumstances at the time of his hiring if he had confidence in his own coaching credentials? Bottom line…if Gran were to depart, I would support change because Gran wouldn’t have any more control if he stayed.

  4. To have a top passing offense you need 3 things: !. A QB with a strong arm who is accurate. Accuracy may be a touch above arm strength. 2, Top receivers with speed and good hands, and 3. an OL line that can pass protect. We have a better QB than we have receivers, (Bowden is the exception) and our pass protection has been a bit below average. Terry has a passer rating of 134. We haven’t had the speed needed to take the top off of defensive secondaries. Gran is highly thought of as an OC given his ability to put together an offense around the talent available. We have some speed and talent at WR coming in this Fall so I expect a more balanced offense. We will lose a very important part of our success the past several years if we lose him. He’s not perfect, but his game planning and calls during the upset against Louisville and a Heisman Trophy winner were brilliant.

    1. I agree with your above post for the most part. UK had no balance much at all in their offense and were a run oriented team in 2018. UK had 536 rushing attempts while only throwing the ball 296 times during the season. That was by design I guess based on the Stoops mandate to run the football. I do think the UK receivers were under utilized in 2018, particularly the TE’s, and I don’t think the UK QB was better than our receivers necessarily either. UK just didn’t throw the ball enough too make that determination IMO. I do agree with you on the UK OL. That is why Gran could bolt if given the opportunity, and if offered more money at a top 10 team and potential SEC Champion. I am not sold on Gran, but I am ok with him if he decides to stay put. UK needs a lot better play from their QB in 2019.

  5. Pup…..Any “Going Away” parties planned for Gran?

    1. I heard you were planning one Mike. I still believe you are behind Gran’s offer and potential departure in some way. Maybe Stoops can get Dawson back, you think? I know you were a big fan of his.


  7. Yes, I did have a little to do with his planned departure. PK will be the only one upset, but he will get over it. I can’t wait to break in the new Pup…just hope he asks and receives a little more control than apparently Gran did.

  8. Just got the bad news…..apparently he is staying at UK…can’t wait to TRY and coach him up next year…LOL

    1. Just do the best you can Mike, you can only do so much. I guess UK will run the football 65% of the time once again next year with Gran staying put and calling the plays, right?

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