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Admiral Schofield on UK: “”I think this year their camaraderie is at a whole different level.”

Tennessee’s defense will test UK Saturday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Tennessee senior Admiral Schofield had another double-double in Wednesday night’s win over South Carolina for the No. 1  Vols that keeps Tennessee unbeaten in SEC play going into Saturday night’s game at Kentucky.

The Vols won at Rupp Arena last year and also in Knoxville before losing to Kentucky in the SEC Tournament title game in St. Louis.

“I don’t remember much (about last yer) but I certainly remember the first two years, losing by 20, losing by double digits, and I don’t want to do that again,” Schofield said Wednesday night.  “So just biggest thing for us is locking in tomorrow, preparing our bodies, getting our minds back on track and progressing.”

He admitted he doesn’t watch other teams play that often on TV but one thing has jumped out to him about UK when he has seen Kentucky play.

“Every time I have seen Kentucky, the biggest thing I think is that coach Cal has done a great job this year with just the camaraderie. He’s always had talent, and they are a very talented team this year,” Schofield said.

“P.J.Washington is playing great basketball right now, SEC Player of the Year-type level. To see his leadership on the team and how they interact with each other, it’s just good to see that with talent like that, especially having the one-and-done status like they have.”

Now here’s a very revealing statement about past UK teams he has played against.

“In the past, they really haven’t had camaraderie like that, except for on certain teams like the national championship teams when they had Devin Booker and those guys,” Schofield said. “I think this year their camaraderie is at a whole different level, and that’s why they have really been putting it together and holding each other accountable.

“So, we are going in, playing against a great team, very athletic, very long, and we have to understand that they had a tough loss last night (against LSU), and they are going to be really ready to hold their own, especially playing the No. 1 team in the country. We just have to take care of what we can take care of.”


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  1. He must have forget that we have Nick on the team this year, and he is not part of the camaraderie. Nick has no pride in the team or himself…just a 5* dud. A lot of people are embarrassed for him but he could care less.

  2. Mike, will you lay off on Nick! He’s trying and I’ll take that . He doesn’t play for you or your not coaching him. Sometimes you got your mind think the players ought to do playing the way you want to be and it doesn’t happen that way. The perfection you got is not gonna happen no such thing.

  3. CATS79…where have you seen evidence that he is trying? You have got to be kidding me. He shows no fight or “want to”. He only shows excitement when he is cheer leading from bench. Do you watch some of the shots Cal throws his way?..nothing motivates him.

  4. Mike, I do agree he can do more. But there’s something that’s holding him back, I my opinion is CAL scares him with all the screaming and holling he does in there face on the sideline during in front of national tv isn’t necessary. The recruits sees that then they will say I’m not playing for a coach that does that. I’ve talk to several cats fans and they feel same way.

    1. 79 I agree with a part of what you are saying. On Cal we have all seen worst on the side lines. But on Cal effecting his play I agree 100%. Cal has a quicker hook on some players and the opportunity to play through mistakes with others. RP once said that in his 1st year if he was mad at Derrick Miller he would scream at John Pelphry ( because he was a coaches son and could take it). He needed DM to make though’s 3’s that avoided a losing season, and if RP screamed at him he would go into a shell for a game or 2) I believe that is the case with Nick. I know Cal believes that confidence comes from repeated performance. But sometime, just sometimes,it comes from the fact that someone you look up to and trust believes in you. I have two sons and they are totally different and are motivated differently. Just saying.

  5. Here’s the thing about Nick. He only started playing basketball 5 years ago. He just doesn’t know how to play against kids who do. He needs to add some upper body strength over the Summer. Hopefully, he and EJ and coach Payne will get a lot of work in over that time. Nick is still a project and will not make a difference this year. He needs to stay 4 years. He will get better next year and could be a force his senior year, but don’t look for much from him the remainder of this season.

    1. I think he started playing in middle school, so pretty sure this is about his seventh year or so playing

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