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Calipari on SEC Tournament: “Maybe we won’t show up.”

John Calipari talked to Laura Rutledge after UK won last year’s SEC Tournament. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


How can you not love John Calipari when he lets his frustration with his team’s play lead him on a press conference rant you have no way to see coming.

Kentucky blew all but one point of an 18-point lead in the second half before holding on to win at Mississippi State Saturday. So naturally after the game, Calipari worked into his dislike for the SEC Tournament.

“Maybe we won’t show up,” Calipari said about the SEC tourney because of the grind of SEC play this year. “Why even go and just get beat up? It doesn’t matter who you play. Everybody is going to be good.”

Like he often has before, the UK coach said the tourney is not what a team intent on doing well in the NCAA Tournament needs after an 18-game conference schedule.

“It’s going to be a war-war-war,” Calipari said about next month’s SEC tourney in Nashville.

“I’m glad we’re done with them (Mississippi State),” Calipari said. “And I hope we don’t have to see them in the (SEC) tournament.”



  1. Calipari needs to get over it.

    The SEC tournament is always brutal, and no more so this season than most.

    UK could play Mississippi State, Auburn and Tennessee on 3 consecutive days to win the SEC T championship.

    Let’s go get it done!

  2. The SEC’s success is always gauged upon how did you fare against KY? The tournament just gives them one more shot at us. It definitely helps by getting a double bye, but it will not be easy regardless.

  3. I personally think conference tournaments are unnecessary, a waste, and a potential hazard for injury to these athletes. Play your conference schedule and then go play in the NCAA tourney if selected. I agree with Coach on this. The season is brutal enough.

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