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How the Patriots used the UK Football recipe to win the Super Bowl

By KEITH PEEL, Contributing Writer

Let me preface this article by stating this disclaimer. I am not a fan of the NFL. In fact, I rarely ever watch a game. But I do usually watch the Super Bowl. It’s like watching the Kentucky Derby. Even if someone is not a horse racing aficionado they still want to watch the Derby. It is a cultural event. The atmosphere, the hoopla and all the hype leading up to the event are usually as entertaining as the event itself.

But I digress. Back to the Super Bowl. As I was watching the game play out it became very obvious that the New England Patriots game plan for this Super Bowl was eerily similar to Mark Stoops game plan for the entire UK season.

I know some of you out there — the one or two that actually read my articles — are scratching your heads saying how could they be similar. Hear me out.

The Super Bowl game plan that I saw Bill Belichick put together appeared to be: play exceptional defense to stop one element of the offensive game plan and make the Rams become one dimensional while riding the backs of a couple of veteran, star players on offense. Throw in a little very solid special teams play and you have a recipe for walking away with this year’s NFL Super Bowl Championship trophy.

Now, think back to how Mark Stoops and the University of Kentucky Football Team won 10 games and a Citrus Bowl. Exceptional defense led by Josh Allen that included great secondary players, a talented linebacking corp and a defensive line that could eat up blockers at the line of scrimmage. This eliminated one element of their opponent’s offense. Add in an offense that depended on a couple of exceptional players  in Benny Snell and Lynn Bowden to score just enough to win along with some very solid special teams play and you have the recipe for a UK Football season that was arguably one of the best of all time.

So knowing that the strategies between the Patriots and the Wildcats were similar it’s also interesting that the comments from the media and on social media about both teams were also similar. Words like “boring”, “uneventful”, “not like the good old days” and  “not worth watching.” And yet both teams are winners. Big winners.

It seems like the goal for both coaches — Stoops and Belichick — is to win games. It doesn’t matter if it’s pretty, entertaining or pleases the masses. And there in lies the rub. Some of the spectators and the media seem to be as interested in entertainment as they are in winning. And if entertainment is the main goal maybe it’s time some fans and media think about watching another sport — like WWE — which has entertainment in it’s name and is scripted to be both entertaining and produce winners.

The bad thing is its not real. Not real like what we saw on the field all year long from the Kentucky Wildcats and the real that we saw from the New England Patriots on Sunday night.

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  1. I saw less than one min. of the super bowl. They lost me when the NFL allowed kneeling during our country’s National Anthem. I never have gotten over that and never will. I also was involved in a church service at the time of the game, and my Church trumps the super bowl. It was a boring game in many ways I have heard others say. I really could care less,

    You bring up good points though if one wants to believe The Patriot’s game plan was eerily patterned after The Univ. of Kentucky’s. That said, while UK had a 10 win season, glory be, they couldn’t beat a depleted Tennessee team. Their game plan failed them in that one. Some say I am being negative here, and maybe so, but it is true.

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