John Calipari says “no one should pass” Joe Hall on win list, so he jokes NCAA vacate some of his wins

John Calipari (Jeff Houchin Photo)


John Calipari got his 298th win at Kentucky when the Wildcats beat Auburn on Saturday. That moved him one win ahead of former coach Joe Hall on UK’s win list.

After the game, a video that Hall made congratulating Calipari played on the big video screen at Rupp Arena

“No one should pass Coach Hall. I want you to understand, he walked into this situation following maybe one of the best coaches (Adolph Rupp) to ever coach this game who was here 42 years.
,” Calipari said after the game. “There were people in this state that didn’t know anybody else coached at Kentucky except Coach Rupp.

“He follows it, and Coach Rupp was still here, I believe. Still had an office, still had the camp, still had the radio show — what?

“And he (Hall) coached. He got the Final Fours, he wins a national title, and I’m just so happy the respect he gets now and how people treat him.


Then Calipari, who got a visit from Hall at practice Friday, couldn’t help but poke a little fun at the NCAA who took wins away from him at UMass and Memphis when programs went on probation even though he was never found guilty of any wrongdoing.

“Coach Hall just asked me to vacate any games that go by him,” Calipari smiled and said.  “I said they have already vacated some of my games. Maybe we’ll just vacate some more and at the end of the day I’ll be one less than him.”

That got a big laugh in the media room that only prompted Calipari to add one more joke.

“Now I’ll get a call (from the NCAA): ‘Are you asking us to vacate your games? We’ll do that if we can,'” Calipari joked.

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