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Leading scorers Maci Morris, Taylor Murray, Rhyne Howard are no “prima donnas”

Maci Morris. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Seniors Maci Morris and Taylor Murray along with freshman Rhyne Howard have been Kentucky’s scoring trio this season that have the Cats ranked No. 11 going into tonight’s home game against Texas A&M.

They have helped assure Kentucky of getting back into the NCAA Tournament by doing more than just scoring, though, this season.

“The great thing about those three, they get a lot of attention because they score points, but after every game we show a highlight reel from the previous game and the first thing we show are people taking charges,” Mitchell said. ” And, the two people that were first up in the last game from LSU were Rhyne Howard and Taylor Murray.

“Jaida Roper is in there a lot, but I’ll tell you another person who is in there a lot, Maci Morris is on those highlight reels game after game after game. So, I think it’s great for our team to see that they’re not prima donnas or that they don’t think they’re above the team because they score so much. They get down and they work hard.”

Mitchell noted that Howard works the boards, Murray is making steals on defense and Morris gives “terrific effort” on defense, too.

“I think that that helps our team tremendously and our players that are not only productive for us in the scoring columns, they are productive all over the floor,” Mitchell said Wednesday.

“I’m appreciative of their efforts as I am the entire team. Those three players, if just those three played we’d have an awful tough time. So, the team has done a great job of coming together and winning games and putting us in a good position here going into the last home game of the season with Texas A&M.

“I’m proud of them and I’d love for all of us to come together and work hard enough to get a victory tomorrow night.”

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