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Mike Anderson on free throws, out of bounds calls and question he didn’t like

Nick Richards (4) and Keldon Johnson (3) battle for a rebound Tuesday.
(Photo by Quinn Foster | UK Athletics)


Arkansas coach Mike Anderson was just a bit testy after his team blew a 45-30 lead two minutes into the second half and lost 70-66 at Kentucky.

Kentucky went 22-for-32 at the foul line while Arkansas was 10-for-15, a difference that Anderson certainly noticed.

“Difference in the game, I don’t think I’d take a rocket scientist, free throws. There’s the difference in the game,” the Arkansas coach said after his team was called for 23 fouls to 19 for Kentucky.

Arkansas had lost five straight games coming into Tuesday’s game. A media member asked Anderson what his team wanted to get out of the game, a question Anderson obviously did not like.

“A win. I mean you got anything else for that question? Were you really serious about that?” Anderson said. “Give it (the microphone) back to him. Were you serious about that? I mean what were we trying to get? We were trying to get consistency I think for 40 minutes.

“I think we play games where we play good for 20 minutes, 25 minutes and so to elaborate on what you were talking about when we come in, we play to win.”

Two late out of bounds calls both were ruled off Arkansas players to allow Kentucky to have possession.

What did he think of those calls?

“I would get in trouble (for criticizing officials). I’ll say this, they both went against us. I can’t talk about officiating … 32 free throws,” Anderson said.


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  1. Home cooking? I’ll take it. UK don’t get much of that anytime, on the road or at home. The difference in the game Coach Anderson was Herro. Ark players couldn’t guard him. Simple as that.

  2. The difference in this game was Kentucky’s turnovers and poor board work.

    The difference was not the stripes.

    Cry Baby Anderson

  3. Whine on baby whine on! You want to talk bad calls? Let’s talk about the fouls called on Richards down the stretch. The first one Gafford plowed over Richards from behind and they called it on Nick. It was a terrible call. He got another bad call on a foul shortly after that. It looked like they wanted him out of the game. I’ll be glad to post a video for Anderson or anyone else that doesn’t believe me. And those out of bounds calls were called the right way. Both of them. As for the fouls you have guys who live by the 3 going against guys who drive the ball. UK has shot more FT’s than the opponents have made. I guess the zebras always call it UK’s way. If anything the SEC refs call things against UK. There are a bunch of other teams that want to have a chance to win and UK has one voice about who the refs are they hire. Give me a freaking break Candyson.

  4. Err… made more than opponents have shot. Proof reading isn’t my strong suit I guess.

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