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Reid Travis on UK’s lack of focus on details in second half of LSU loss (Larry Vaught/Verizon Video)

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  1. Back in the day, I recall the annual war between Joe B Hall’s Cats and Knight’s Hoosiers. It was clear from the play on the court that the intensity level in the game rose with each timeout, until the end of the game with the tension was so strong that everyone in the arena could not just feel it, but it hung over the entire presence in the arena, whether Assembly Hall, Rupp, or one of the neutral venues that this series used.

    I don’t get the same sense of things with Calipari teams., and we have seen how that plays out this season all too often. Everyone associated with both teams understood what an IU-UK basketball game represented; no one had to teach a UK player, or remind a UK player about these sort of things.

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