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Reid Travis: “We do ourselves a disservice to get hung up on one call.”

Reid Travis (Jeff Houchin Photo)


Because he was on the bench when LSU scored its winning goal in Tuesday’s 73-71 win over Kentucky, senior Reid Travis didn’t get a good look at “all the chaos” involved with the controversial play that ended UK’s 10-game winning streak.

“I saw the replay. I think it’s a tough call to make in live action (to call basket interference). Obviously, I can’t put myself in their (the officials’) shoes and make that call,” Travis, who had nine points and nine rebounds in 37 minutes, said.

But then he pointed out the obvious.

“We have many chances to win the game besides that so I think we do ourselves a disservice to get hung up on one call. We made a lot of mistakes down the stretch and it shouldn’t have come down to that, so obviously it’s frustrating,” Travis said.

“Put ourselves in a great position and a call like that could go either way but at the end of the day we should’ve made more plays to where it wasn’t out of our hands at the end.”

Say amen. Kentucky got beat in transition the second half. Kentucky missed free throws. Kentucky gave up offensive rebounds. And UK missed shots — a lot of shots — the second half.

Yes, the last call was missed but I’m sure it was not the only missed call. And don’t forget UK did have the option of blocking out on the final play rather than giving up another offensive board.

“Everyone was on the same page with the fact that that play was not what we need to sit down and dwell on and I think a lot of guys are just frustrated with the way that we played in the second half and the way we didn’t rebound and gave up points,” Travis said.

“So I don’t think as much that we’re too hung up on that call. It’s tough and it’s a tough break but obviously there was opportunity to be there at the end and we would’ve loved for it to go the other way but when you look at the greater scope of the game and that wasn’t there.”


  1. We need to get away from the narrative that Ahston Hagans is a great defender.
    He is not.
    He is a great ball stealer.
    He cannot stay in front of his man. Been like that for a few games. Tremant Waters just wrote the recipe on how to neutralize Hagans.

  2. Reid is exactly right.

    1. Reid is a smart young man

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