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What is DeAaron Fox’s biggest fear?

De’Aaron Fox (left), Malik Monk


Former Kentucky guard DeAaron Fox was on the winning team in the NBA Rising Stars Game but got beat by Trae Young in the first round of the Skills Challenge despite having an early lead.

Fox did reveal a couple of interesting tidbits about himself during the festivities that I don’t remember him talking about during his year at UK.

“My biggest fear, I don’t like scary movies. I hate scary movies,” he said.  “When I was 6 or 7, one of my cousins had me watch Freddy vs. Jason when it first came out.

“After that, all through elementary school, I wouldn’t leave doors open if it was nighttime. I would make sure I closed every door.

“It’s not a fear for me now, but Freddy vs. Jason scarred me for life. I still don’t like scary movies.”

Then there was his memory of his first dunk.

“The first time I ever dunked a basketball was like the end of seventh grade. It was like right when school was about to end,” Fox said. “I was still in middle school, and it was in like athletics class.

“I was close to dunking before. I had been grabbing the rim since like sixth grade. I knew I was going to dunk eventually.”


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