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What Maci Morris said after Senior Day win

Maci Morris with her family at Senior Day. (UK Athletics Photo)

#4, Maci Morris, Sr., G

On what she will remember most about her time at Kentucky…

“Like Taylor said, you just meet so many people at Kentucky. You build great relationships and you have both good times and bad times that you get to share with your peers. That’s how you build those strong relationships. Like Taylor said, your teammates, coaches, staff, other classmates, everybody has such a big impact on you and that is what I’m going to remember the most.”

On what was going through her head during pregame and walking through the poster…

“Just trying to enjoy the moment and be thankful, I have a lot of gratitude for everyone that came out and supported us today. It was just amazing to see all of the fans supporting us.”

On her living out her dream of playing basketball at Kentucky and what it means…

“It just keeps building and hopefully we can make it even more special if we continue to win at a high level. Just trying to compete in the tournament, so we’re going to try to make it our best year yet.”

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