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John Calipari has made Tyler Herro a “basketball player”

Tyler Herro, left, gets a hug from Keldon Johnson after Friday’s win. (Vicky Graff Photo)


During his 10 years at Kentucky, John Calipari has now taken the Wildcats to seven Elite Eight appearances going into Sunday afternoon’s game with Auburn.

He’s had some clutch performers during that time, but freshman Tyler Herro certainly hit a huge 3-pointer with 25 seconds left. How does Herro compare with some clutch players Calipari has had at UK>

“He wants to take them (clutch shots), but here’s the thing that he’s getting. He took one bad 3 in the game at the top with about 6 seconds. We’re trying to get away from being the team that dances, dances, dances, and shoots the 3 on a late shot cock,” Calipari said.

“We don’t want to be that guy. He can do both. Did you see the runners he made? Our thing with him is you are not going to be a jump shooter here. You’re going to be a basketball player. You’re going to drive the wall. Yes, you can shoot and make free throws, but you’re not getting to the line until you drive the ball. He’s got runners. He can shoot it lefty. He’s more than just that guy.

“Aside from what he’s doing on offense, he’s become a defensive player. I said it with the last game when we played Wofford. He guarded Magee, which took away his offense and he was fine with it. He went 2 or 11. The other kid went O or 12 or whatever he did. He said I’m going to guard and that’s what I’ll do.”

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  1. If Cal really has that ability why doesn’t he do the same with with our 2 offensively challenged 5* duds?

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