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Auburn coach Bruce Pearl says his kids “yell at the refs more than I do”

Bruce Pearl

With four Southeastern Conference teams in the Sweet Sixteen this weekend, I thought you might enjoy this answer to a little bit of a different question that Auburn coach Bruce Pearl got after his team’s 89-75 win over Kansas that sends the Tigers against North Carolina in the Midwest Region semifinals in Kansas City Friday night before UK plays Houston.

Q. Bruce, your daughter was sitting, your older daughter Jacqui was right behind press row and she’s fun to sit by, she’s got a lot of opinions. She seems to know the entire playbook. And she’s not shy about sharing them. I wondered, are all your kids like that? Your son coaches for you. But are all your kids junkies and especially wondering if Jacqui has said, ‘Dad, I think you need to run this play instead of that one?’

BRUCE PEARL: “Yeah. You can do anything as long as you have your family with you. And my family’s been, we’ve done all this together. And so it’s great to have her here. She was a pretty good player. In fact, she’s probably a better rebounder than a bunch of my guys. She was more physical than they are. But my son is on my bench. Jacqui’s here.

“My two other children, Leah, works for a Turner, and she helps a lot of the talent get around. She works with Charles (Barkley) in Atlanta. So she’s tied in and connected. And my son Michael is a junior in Auburn. Doesn’t that kind of make sense? We’re all in this together.

“And my wife Brandy, for every family that’s out there, she’s so willing to give me up because she understands this ministry, she understands the needs of her student-athletes. And so she’s get to share me a lot.

“My kids are vocal. They yell at the refs more than I do. They think they know more than I do. What kids don’t? It is special to be able to do this with them. Thanks for asking that question.”

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