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Calipari to Tyler Herro and Keldon Johnson: “You’re either a man or you’re a child.”

Keldon Johnson (Vicky Graff Photo)


After Kentucky won at Ole Miss Tuesday, coach John Calipari revealed that freshmen Tyler Herro and Keldon Johnson both had apologized to him for their part in UK’s loss at Tennessee last week.

 “They want to do well. One of them apologized to me for something that was said and the other one apologized for not playing better,” Calipari said.

Even though he didn’t say which one did what, Herro and Calipari seemed to have a verbal confrontation during the Tennessee game and Johnson simply could not make a shot against the Vols.

“I said, ‘I’m not worried about you apologizing for play. It’s your attitude.’ Everybody has to grow up. And I said to them ‘when you’re a child you act like a child. When you’re a man you leave all those child things behind. Now you’re either a man or you’re a child. How do you respond to this stuff?’” Calipari said.

The Kentucky coach said he understands how hard it is for players to play at Kentucky.

“Every game is someone’s Super Bowl. Every game is sold out. Every game is the biggest game and if we lose a game oh my God the world ends. And then you also have the clutter about you’re the best player, you should take the most shots — and they’re all hearing it,” Calipari said.

“And they’ve gotta deal with all that and they’re 19-year-olds. Most of the time we have four freshmen on the court. Most times we had five freshmen. I told them yesterday I respect what these guys deal with because I couldn’t have dealt with it as a 19-year-old. No way. No.

“And then perform and then play to win and not worry about losing like they did at the end of this game. They played to win. I’ve got a good group of kids.”


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  1. I sort of felt there was a disconnect with a few. As for his youth, and lack of experience? That is his system. Deal with it.

  2. Lunardi now has us back to a #2 seed in the South with Duke. If Zion plays, the result will be the same, but the score would be tighter.

    1. Maybe so Mike, but your going to keep being so negative you will hang yourself on your own words.

  3. Coach, it looks like you are still a 19 year old on the sidelines. Sorry

  4. Looks like LSU and Coach Will Wade are in a little trouble if the news is correct. Breaking that LSU has suspended him for an illegal offer caught on a wiretap..

  5. LP, I just read about the LSU situation. As I understand it, current LSU player Smart is the player involved in the recruiting issues recorded on the wiretap by the FBI. If that is the case, LSU should be taking down a boat load of wins as soon as the dust settles on this, and you can probably stick a fork in Wade, he is done.

  6. College basketball has succumbed to the win at any cost syndrome. Will Wade. Sean Miller, Mark Gottfried, Bill Self if the truth ever comes out, Pitino and his pirates, Roy Williams (oh the NCAA let him skate free), Bobby Hurley, and don’t be surprised if Tom Crean’s name doesn’t pop up if anyone is looking at him. ESPN and CBS have whored the game out with the NCAA’s blessings. I guess the new battle cry in college basketball is if you can’t beat ’em, cheat ’em!

  7. Oh, I forgot to throw Bruce Pearl’s name in the cesspool of cheaters.

  8. As for the article, Calipari needs to start coaching these kids in the summer instead of waiting until January. I am not a believer in peaking to soon. If you coach right, practice right, and play right, you don’t have a drop off.

    1. I am also one that does not agree with the peak too soon crowd.

      Other sayings that I oppose include 1) the team needs a loss, and 2) that was a good loss.

      1. Yep Professor. The only ones who say that are the coaches who aren’t doing their jobs to have their teams ready to play. When fans start buying into it, then program mediocrity has been born.

  9. Oh, I forgot as I tend to do in my old age…Rah, Rah, Rah! *backflip*

  10. I don’t like one and done either, but were old fashion of liking it the way it used to be.,being said the old days is gone folks and we can bitch and whine all we can but don’t do no good. I’ve move on to enjoy college basketball as it is. As far coach CAL I wouldn’t trade him for another coach as long he want to be the coach even know I have been critical of him at times. Oh have done a forward flip so Rah Rah Rah

    1. Cats79, good point. I am not a big Calipari fan, but having said that, I don’t see anyone out there right now that could fill his shoes.

      1. Calipari needs a reset, like national championship No. 9

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