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Could Calipari survive in the Alaska wilderness? He says he definitely could

John Calipari with Keldon Johnson at UK’s practice Wednesday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Forget about what is wrong with PJ Washington’s foot. Don’t worry about the speculation that John Calipari is interested in the vacant coaching job at UCLA.

No, the big question is could Calipari survive in the Alaska wilderness?

The Kentucky coach likes to watch TV shows on the Discovery Channel like “Alaska: The Last Frontier.” Calipari even suggested Sunday  night that he could survive in the wilderness with no problem.

“Everyone was killing me last night saying I couldn’t last in Alaska. Said I wouldn’t last 10 minutes. I could live off the grid easily!!! Chopping wood. Fishing. Hunting squirrels and a moose now and then. Scaring bears. Pooping in the woods. Come on Alaska!” Calipari posted on Twitter Monday.

Quickly his daughter, Megan, responded.

“They truly don’t know me. I probably would struggle wrestling a bear, but other than that, I could live off the grid,” Calipari said.

What about his wife saying he couldn’t do it?

“Well, when we watch the shows, I say, I could do that, and she busts out and says, ‘You couldn’t do that for four minutes.’ But no, I could. I really could.”


  1. Only if Mrs Cal is there….now tell me this…why has Cal been in such a great mood? He is smiling all the time what happened to serious Cal? I wonder what he knows that we wish we knew? I like the ‘new’ Cal but I hope he is focused on the prize.

  2. Could it be that he has already accepted the UCLA job?

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