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EJ Montgomery never stops learning from Reid Travis, PJ Washington

EJ Montgomery knows he could play a pivotal role against Houston Friday. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Freshman EJ Montgomery knows he could play a pivotal role for Kentucky against Houston Friday night in the Midwest Region semifinal — and that’s fine wit him.

“I still think we can go far as a team. We just have to compete and go hard and I certainly have to do that,” Montgomery said. “We just have to finish games out and stay out of foul trouble. I’ve had to learn the hard way.”

Kentucky couldn’t finish against Tennessee in the SEC Tournament semifinals and lost. It did finish against Wofford in round two of the NCAA to advance.

“We work every day to help me get better with a lot of things. I am growing and getting better. The toughest thing has been just learning the college game and trying to be more physical, but I just have to do that now,” he said.

Senior Reid Travis and sophomore PJ Washington have pushed him daily since he arrived on campus.

“Their work ethic is crazy. We all are in the gym together. They know the game. Just pick up little things from them every day and have all year. I never stop learning from them,” Montgomery said.


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  1. EJ needs to walk it instead of talkin it. There is little evidence that he is getting better. Lets hope both he and Nick can pick it up from here on out.

    1. I agree with you big time Mike, especially if Washington can’t go, Nick and EJ have to do more. Houston’s defense is a hornet’s nest. UK better get ready to bring it, and stay out of foul trouble. I just hope the game officials call it fair. Most times UK gets the shaft.

  2. When a team comes at you with a trapping press, you have to attack and go to the basket and make them pay. Hopefully, we will make them pay with a loss.

  3. As for the article, EJ has not lived up to expectations. He needs to get in the weight room and put on about 30 pounds of muscle. Then he can go inside and bang with anyone, but he has to be a willing banger. 5 and 5 are about all we can expect from him now, not sure what he will do next year. Nick has no basketball IQ. That is why he gets so many fouls. He is always a step late on both ends of the floor. He will be better next year, but 5 and 5 is about all we can expect from him now.

    1. Nick may not be any better next year because he really hasn’t shown any improvement in year 2.

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