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Every time Kentucky needed him, Reid Travis delivered

Reid Travis (Vicky Graff Photo)


With PJ Washington the disabled list, Kentucky needed a big effort from Reid Travis against Wofford — and that’s exactly what the Cats got.

He had 14 points on 5-for-10 shooting from the field and 4-fof-4 at the foul line, including two in the final minute, along with 11 rebounds, including three on the offensive end. More importantly, he stayed out of foul trouble and was able to play 36 minutes.

He trained his whole life for this. Before the last game, I just told him, you’ve been waiting for this your whole life, and yesterday he was unbelievable, had eight of nine or whatever he did, 18 points, and today he did well again, and every time we needed a basket to separate, we were throwing it to him,” Kentucky coach John Calipari said.

“And just once he didn’t get something. Every other one was either a basket or a pass-out.”

Travis transferred from Stanford to Kentucky this year. He had never played in a NCAA Tournament game at Stanford where he averaged nearly a double-double per game. This year his numbers dropped but not his importance to UK’s success.

“What a pleasure it’s been to coach him. He is truly professional in how he deals with everything, from training to weight training to keeping his body right to being where he’s supposed to on time,” Calipari said after Saturday’s NCAA second-round 62-56 win over Wofford. 

“People that have come in my gym and watched us coach said, ‘That kid never takes his eyes off you. He is totally engaged with what you’re saying.’ And I get on him, now. Like I’m on him like I am these young kids. I just don’t have to as much because his is never effort. Theirs is always effort. His is never effort. It’s like some other things he may do, and basically it’s revert back some.

“But it’s been — I’ve loved it, and I would say that what’s — he’s helped us, but he’s helped himself in this. He’s really put himself in a great position.”


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  1. Hello strangers… I’m back.
    Travis played great. When he stepped to the line in that final minute, he was calm and focused. It warms my heart to see this fine young man shine in the venue he always dreamed of.

    GO CATS!!!

    1. Glad your’re back my friend. Norman, Reid Travis was the difference in that game yesterday in so many ways.

      1. So true my friend. Great to be back.

  2. What a special addition to this team…a real, intelligent, quality individual. I really enjoy his interviews, since he listens intently and always responds in a respectful,
    calm manner. If there are anymore out there like him, I hope Coach Cal gets them.

  3. Reid Travis is a first rate young man.
    I’m sure he will be successful in whatever endeavor he chooses to pursue.

  4. Reid has played great since PJ went down. He has sacrificed a lot of his game when PJ was playing. Cal’s offense is too one dimensional. It focuses on one guy coming off of a screen or posting up on any given play instead of involving more pick and roll type play which could involve 3 to 4 guys. I hope PJ comes back this week, but Reid will not see as many touches if he does. We will play either Houston or Ohio State and both will be out to prove that they are better than us. There are no easy games after the first in the Big Dance. It would really be awesome if Reid got to play in the Final Four. This team has the talent to do that if we can catch a few breaks along the way.

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