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“Everybody can be beaten and they (Kentucky) are just another team.”

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As one might expect with only 16 teams left in the NCAA Tournament, Houston will have no fear when it plays Kentucky Friday in Kansas City in the NCAA Sweet Sixteen.

“Out of 352 schools, everybody can be beaten and they (Kentucky) are just another team. We’re not playing ‘Kentucky,’ we’re playing (Ashton) Hagans, Reid Travis and (PJ) Washington. At the end of the day, if we stick to our principles, it’s going to be a good game and the world’s going to see what’s going to happen,” Houston’s Breaon Brady said Thursday.

What do fans need to know about Houston?

“We play super hard, super aggressive. We are going to win most of our games with defense and rebounding. That’s our biggest strength,” Brady said.

The game plan against Kentucky is not complicated for Houston.

“Just playing Houston Cougar basketball. That’s what we’ve done all year and we have been successful. Kentucky is an elite team, and we have to play hard. But that’s what Houston Cougars do,” Nate Hinton said.

“Defend the three-point line, rebound, take care of the ball and take care of ourselves,” DeJon Jarreau added.

Hinton said the Cougars just want to keep playing and don’t worry about others saying the Cougars could be overmatched in the Sweet Sixteen — a spot Houston has not been in 35 years.

“Coach does a great job keeping us focused on what it is, but we’re definitely aware of the history,” Hinton said.

“It’s really surreal. We just happen to be here representing (the city of) Houston, and the University of Houston. There’s not a lot of pressure because we’re doing it for us,” Jarreau said. “Off the court, we are a family. Everybody plays for each other. We stick to our principles. Everyone helps each other. If someone sees you slacking, they will step in and try to help.”

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  1. They sound pretty cocky to me.

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