Guest post: Die-hard fan cried after game, but we will be ready to enjoy ride again next year

Keldon Johnson shows the pain of Sunday’s loss. (Vicky Graff Photo)

Vaught’s note: After Sunday’s Elite Eight loss to Auburn, some of the negativity on social media was more than one “die-hard fan” could take, so she sent this to me to share her feelings. Enjoy.

Dear BBN,

My name is Jessica and I am quite sure I’m as heartbroken as you are to see the season end today. I am a die-hard fan but I’m also realistic. Every team can have and off game and sometimes a bad team can shoot the lights out on a fluke. It’s a game and it happens.

Sure we lost a game today to Auburn we should’ve been able to win, but guess what, so did Duke. If you have listened to the media this entire year they were the best team to ever wear college uniforms, kept the one spot and were going to win the championship. That’s not happening either. Zion was really good, but not the basketball God that Duke and ESPN made him out to be.

I am sure most Kentucky fans don’t know me but I would like to be the voice of reason if you will let me. Coach Cal isn’t perfect and no team he has ever had is perfect. Would I trade him for another? Heavens no. I think he’s a great coach and a great fit for Kentucky. Just count the number of Elite 8’s and Final 4’s we’ve had with him at the helm. They say that Coach K is the best college coach at the present time, but look what happened to Duke today. (Personally, I don’t agree.) 

I have muted the Cal haters and recliner coaches that cannot find a single positive thing to say and unfollowed those that are tweeting the players and the coach’s family. Please don’t spread hate over a game.

As for me I take Kentucky sports seriously and every loss hurts. I try my best not to tweet negatively after a loss.I cried today, not only for me but for the players as they are disappointed in themselves and are punishing themselves more than our words ever could. I always try to remember that they are very young and someone’s child. I wasn’t very successful at age 18 or 19, in fact I was very immature.

I hope we can all move on and get ready to take this ride again next year. It should be a great year.  GO CATS!!


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