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Houston preparing like PJ Washington is starting for Kentucky

PJ Washington (Vicky Graff Photo)

Q. Coach, I’m wondering how — the big question with Kentucky’s PJ Washington’s availability. I’m wondering what you expect there and how that factors in your planning?
KELVIN SAMPSON: Yeah, we’ve never seen Kentucky play with him or without him. We’ve never seen him play except on film. So, all the film we’re watching is him with them. I haven’t watched them without him. That doesn’t factor in with us at all.

Q. Just curious how you guys are preparing for Kentucky with PJ Washington or without and how you’re going about that?
COREY DAVIS, JR.: Honestly, we’re just — we’re scouting them as a whole. If PJ plays — we know his tendencies. We know what he likes to do as an individual. So I mean, it doesn’t really affect our game. We’re just focusing on the team as a whole and what we’re going to do.

GALEN ROBINSON, JR.: We’re definitely anticipating that he’s playing. We’re preparing like he’s a starting 4 man.

Q. Follow-up to that question. As competitors, you guys probably do hope that he plays, right?
GALEN ROBINSON, JR.: Me personally, it don’t matter. We still have to play Kentucky. We still have to try our hardest to win the basketball game. If he plays, same treatment.

COREY DAVIS, JR.: Me as a basketball player, you don’t really want to be playing a team that’s not at their full health. Giving them any ammunition if they do lose to have a reason that you beat them or whatever. If they have a full team, it makes it more fun, more entertaining.

Q. One of your teammates I spoke to said your coach is telling you, you have to be 8 points better than Kentucky to win. I was hoping could you expand on that.
COREY DAVIS, JR.: Honestly, we just — what he basically meant is we have to play with a chip on our shoulder. We know we’re coming into the game as underdogs. We have to play like our lives are depending on it. We have a lot we’re playing for. We just love this group we’re with. We have to come in and just buy into the entire game for 40 minutes.

GALEN ROBINSON, JR.: I think he related that to the adversity we’re going to face. Definitely going to have more fans than us here. You know, everything is going to be — yeah, we’re definitely the underdog. We have to have a chip on our shoulder and play with our hearts.

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