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Joe Lunardi says Kentucky not a “solid” No. 1 seed in NCAA Tournament yet

Joe Lunardi


ESPN bracketologist Joe Lunardi has Kentucky as a No. 1 seed in the NCAA Tournament but on a national telconference Wednesday said it is not a “solid” No. 1.

“Not solid because, A, they could lose.  B, the prospect of Duke reasserting itself and owning a pretty significant head‑to‑head victory over Kentucky, which admittedly was a long time ago, but it’s still on the board and can’t be ignored,” Lunardi said.

” And I’m going to still say nobody’s really talking about Michigan State as a possible 1, but I think in this year’s Big Ten, if you win both titles, you at least got to get some serious discussion to get up to that top line with the understanding that the committee sometimes isn’t fully embracing those late Sunday games in the evaluation or bracketing process, but the rest of us pay attention.

“I think there’s basically three scenarios for two spots on the top line.  Virginia is going to be a 1.  No matter what people are saying about last night, Gonzaga is going to be the 1 in the West.  So that leaves an ACC spot ‑‑ Duke‑Carolina in my view ‑‑ an SEC spot, and the Michigan State Wild Card. 

“I do not think LSU can be the SEC spot, even though that would mean winning both titles.  I just have a hard time seeing them putting LSU on the first line for a lot of reasons at this point.”

Stanford athletics director Bernard Muir, chairman of the NCAA selection committee, noted that even if UK is a No. 2 it could still play in the South Region where the semifinals and final are in Louisville. That could give UK a huge advantage against a team that earned a No. 1 seed and could play in an arena filled with Kentucky fans for a berth in the Final Four.

“We make a point of making sure the teams play close to their national region,” Muir said. “In this case with Kentucky, if they happen to be next in line, and Louisville is available, the committee will not have a problem putting them in that potential region provided there’s no other conflict.”


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  1. IN my opinion UK is already a 2-seed and Duke is already 1 -seed. Committee will keep Virgina as a 1 and send No Carolina out West as a 2 and give them the easiest path to the Final Four. UK and Duke will most likely be in the same bracket but if not will be a semifinal matchup Hopi g they can get a Duke-UK semifinal and a Duke -North Carolina Final. Made for big ratings on CBS. Doesn’t matter what each team did during the season or going forward in their tournaments. You heard Joe Lunardi saying Gonzaga losing to a team that was in the last four out has no meaning. UK winning the SEC(if they do) also has no meaning. Plus if LSU wins the regular season and the tournament in the second best conference in the country how do you deny them a 1-seed based on what they’ve done on the floor?

  2. While there is a cloud of stench over LSU, having won the regular season SEC title and then add the SEC tournament title to that, there is no question that they should be a No. 1 seed in the Big Dance. It will be a shame for them to make a Final 4 run only to be forced to vacate it all if the charges are found to be true.

    As for KY, we definitely are a No. 2 at present and have to win the SEC tournament to earn a No. 1 seed in the Dance. There is a solid argument for the SEC tournament winner to get a No. 1 seed if that winner is LSU, TN or KY. But I agree with Keith, this is no longer a competition, it is entertainment and CBS will stack the deck (sorry selection committee, but you are a puppet who is controlled by CBS/ESPN) to get a Duke/UNC final game.

  3. Who knows what the committee will do, it is always a rigged deal for all the ACC, and Big Ten teams anyway. It will make no difference what UK does in the SEC tourney. Basketball seeding for the SEC teams is always a travesty IMO. If they would dismiss the cheating charge against LSU until further investigation is completed, then LSU deserves to be in the conversation for a No. 1 seed for what they did in the regular season, and possibly could do in the SEC tourney. College basketball is beginning to suck big time. Bring on SEC football.

  4. Thanks Larry Pup for stating my exact sentiments…lost my interest in this STAGED CIRCUS. One solution would be to create big time competition and make the NIT relevant again by offering players the Rights to their names, tee shirts money, etc., that the NCAA refuses to give them. That way, the players can decide which tournament they wish to attend and then maybe the agenda/ money grubbers won’t hold all the cards There is enough money out there to break the ESPN/NCAA strangle hold on this rigged show.

    1. That is a great idea. I just know the system is flawed big time now. Love your posts, hope for best.

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