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John Calipari still “tweaking” his team

John Calipari (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky has had a knack for playing its best basketball at the right time of the season most years since John Calipari arrived as head coach.

Most years he’s been able to back off his team a little late in the year to have it fresh for postseason play. This year he’s still got some work to do.

“I’d like to be able to empower them more offensively so that I don’t have to lead what they’re doing. And we’re not quite there yet,” Calipari said after the win at Ole Miss Tuesday.

“So, we’ve got a couple weeks to figure out without calls what do we run. I’m still literally tying to figure (things out). I put new stuff in today for today’s game. None of you would know it because you don’t know basketball, but I put in a couple of different offenses today that we tried. They both worked by the way.”

Pat yourself on the back, Coach. Just joking. That just shows the “swaggy” Calipari that likes his team maybe more than he wants to admit right now.

And get ready for a TWEAK.

“We’re still tweaking, experimenting with stuff. We’ve got to get PJ on the other side of the floor. So instead of just the left side facing, I wanted him on the other side,” Calipari said. So, we did something to get him over there. Now if you go back and watch the tape you’ll know what I did or what I had the players do.”


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  1. This team has been a mystery. In August, this team’s play suggested great things to come, but when the season started in November, the team’s play was absurdly poor, for the first 6 games. Starting with game 7, this team steadily improved its play to a level that was at or among the best in the nation, until the 23rd game. Starting with game 23 to the present,this team’s play has been sliding steadily downward at a rate that cannot be ignored, or explained away by Travis’ absence due to injury because the slide began 4 games before he went down.

    Tweaks? Good luck with that.

    What happened to all those Hagans’ steals that fueled an impressive defense? What happened to the team that was dominant on the boards at both ends of the court?
    What happened to that team that averaged 75% from the free throw line?

  2. I think this team is physically worn down now. Also there seems to be a disconnect between Coach and team at times. They don’t seem to be locked in. I could be wrong.

  3. Pup, you may be right about this team is worn out. Sometimes I think the season is too long and it can take a wear and tear out of your body. Great point!!

  4. Other teams are hitting their stride at the right time

  5. Why is this different for any other team at this time of the year?

  6. Guys were not the only one that’s not been play well take for instances Duke and Michigan. St have struggle as well and I can name a few others. My opinion I think N.Carolina is playing the best ball in the country right now. I’m looking forward for Travis to come back and maybe he will give us the spark to get back the way we were playing. Go Cats!!

    1. Cats79, I think Travis gives UK their best chance at winning. He needs to get back on the floor asap. They are a different team without his presence inside.

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