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Jon Sumrall on Kash Daniel: “He’s fun to coach.”

Kash Daniel. (Vicky Graff Photo)


He’s not been back at Kentucky long, but new linebackers coach Jon Sumrall knows the player he’ll be coaching that the most people know about.

“Obviously everybody talks about Kash,. He’s what you’re hunting,” Sumrall, a former UK linebacker who came to UK after one year as linebackers coach at Ole Miss, said Thursday. “He’s Kentucky through and through.

“Loves football. He’s fun to coach. I’m already excited about having my hands on him and be able to work with him on a daily basis.”

Sumrall played with the same reckless abandon as Daniel so they should make a good fit. However, he’s already excited about other players, too. One is sophomore Chris Oats.

“He’s got a great looking frame. He’s learning the game. He’s got a lot of things you’re looking for from a measurable standpoint,” Sumrall said.

Who else?

“Jamin (Davis) has a chance to make some steps forward this spring. (DeAndre) Square is going to be a good player here. He sort of has a little bit of a knack for some stuff. He’s not necessarily the biggest guy, but I think he’s really instinctive and an aware player, which I think at the linebacker position matters a lot,” Sumrall said.

“There’s a lot of guys in the fold getting reps that I’m excited to see their development and growth.”

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