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Passion in Kansas City

Tina Cox Photo

By TINA COX, Contributing Writer

KANSAS CITY — The ball will tip at 2:20 EST today at Spirit Arena in the heart of downtown Kansas City.  The Kentucky Wildcats will face the Auburn Tigers, the winner will receive a ticket to the Final Four in Minneapolis.  The loser will go home, season over.  Both teams will lay it on the line, fan bases will cheer and 75% of the tourists in downtown Kansas City could not even tell you what March Madness means.
There are March Madness signs in the hotel. A small table set up with tourist information after all this is the greatest three weeks of the year for college basketball junkies.  However, 90 percent of the guest sare either packing a sword, dressed in a costume or wearing wigs of various colors.
I have heard of Comicon.  In fact, I have a very close relative who attended the National Comicon held in San Diego many years ago.  I just had no idea the passion the attendees have for their characters.
The Convention Center located directly across the street for the media hotel is hosting the Midwest Comicon this weekend.  Basketball fans are a minority.  The occasion Kentucky, North Carolina, Auburn and Houston could be identified in elevators surrounded by transformers, graduates of Hogwarts and light sabers.  It has been a unique experience.  
I can recognize Superman, Batman, Ironman and Harry Potter but that is the extent of my knowledge.  I have spent all weekend asking my husband who people were dressed up as.  He knew most.  Somewhat disturbing that after 36 years of marriage I had no idea he was a “geek” at heart.
The positive side, I can go for coffee downstairs in the morning with no coffee, no makeup and no hair products without receiving condescending stares.  Who knows if I am in character or not.
Passions have collided in Kansas City this weekend.  Neither understand the other.  This is what makes the world go round.
The nerves has set in.  The alarm is set.  Let’s do this CATS!
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