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PJ Washington in boot for precautionary reasons

PJ Washington (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky sophomore P.J. Washington, Kentucky’s leading scorer (14.8 points per game) and rebounder (7.5), suffered some type of leg injury in Saturday’s Southeastern Conference Tournament loss to Tennessee and is now in a “boot” for precautionary reasons.

Kentucky starts NCAA Tournament play Thursday night in Jacksonville against Abilene Christian, a No. 15 seed. If the Cats win they would play again Saturday.

Kentucky just got senior center Reid Travis back for the SEC tourney after he had missed five games due to a sprained knee.

Washington’s father, Paul, referred to the information sent out by UK in a text message to me: “PJ has been in a boot since Sunday for precautionary reasons. Any other updates we will have on site tomorrow in Jacksonville.”

Washington was in early foul trouble Saturday against Tennessee but finished the game with no limp or apparent problems. Of course, last year he played part of the season with a broken finger before he told anyone and then still continued to play before having offseason surgery.

Calipari previously has had Willie Cauley-Stein, Alex Poythress and Jarred Vanderbilt miss postseason games with injuries.

However, knowing the competitor Washington is, it’s going to have to be a significant injury where he would risk jeopardizing his professional career for him not to play in the NCAA Tournament.

Kentucky’s media time will be around 2 p.m. Wednesday in Jacksonville.


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  1. Another reason why I dislike UK playing in the SEC tourney. Our players are being exposed unnecessarily to serious injury. UK in the regular season had already made their bones, no reason to expose them to further injury in a tournament that means nothing in the scheme of a potential NCAA seeding. It happens year after year, same story.

  2. Pup, as well any body knows it’s all about money. They don’t care a grass roots who gets hurt or not.

    1. I believe you are right my friend.

  3. The SEC Tournament is an absolute needless waste of time.
    The players should not be subjected to such nonsense…IMO.

  4. The SEC tourney is a huge money maker and it also increases the chance of getting more SEC team into the Big Dance. It benefits KY in no way.

    1. You are right, it does not benefit UK. It really don’t benefit the SEC since the major seedings are already in place before the SEC tourney even ends. As far as getting more SEC teams in the NCAA tourney, I thought that was what the regular season was all about.

      1. You would think that wouldn’t Pup, but the conference hopes a dark horse will make a 5 game run and take away a bid from another conference. But usually that stolen bid knocks out an SEC bubble team so, aside from the money, what’s the point?

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