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SEC Network analyst Andy Kennedy compares Ashton Hagans to Eric Bledsoe

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Former Mississippi coach Andy Kennedy is now a SEC Network analyst and he’s know surprised that UK freshman point guard Ashton Hagans has been a significant factor in NCAA Tournament play.

“He is very disruptive on defense,” Kennedy said. “I also think his offense has come a million miles. He knows now he can play in this league and he has some unique abilities. He’s a little loose sometimes with the ball but when he is creating chaos on defense and even on offense with his speed, you can live with that.”

Kennedy said before the season started he talked to the Kentucky coaching staff about Hagans and they were all “raving” about him and the ways he could change a game.

“I would compare him to (former UK player) Eric Bledsoe, who is maybe the best on-ball defender that Cal (John Calipari) has had at Kentucky,” Kennedy said. “Offensively, he’s really improved, too, he I think when teams have not see him he will get into the lane even more in postseason play.”

Kennedy says he never coached a player who can do the things Hagans can.

“I never had a player like him who had the ability to sit down (on defense) and stay in front of the ball any time he wants,” Kennedy said. “He may get a little exposed at times because he takes some chances, but he also really disrupt the other team’s offense a lot and that’s tough to prepare for.”

Florida assistant coach Darris Nichols says Hagans has learned to just make the needed plays on offense.

“On defense, he just defends. Nothing complicated. He just guards you,” Nichols said. “On offense, he runs the team and doesn’t take bad shots. He knows which shots are good shots for him and the team. He doesn’t try to do anything he can’t do and that might sound simple, but not every freshman can do that.”


  1. Hey Catmandoo, a little different opinion on Hagans than you have given on here. What say you?

  2. I like what Hagan’s does most of the time, but they have to figure out a way to keep him from having the ball at the top of the key with less than 10 seconds to go. Teams draw back and cut off passing and driving lanes forcing him to shoot the three! His hesitation shows his lack of confidence. Our lack of movement by the persons without the ball is making us easier to guard.

    Houston likes to run and we have played our best in transition. I hope that Tyler and Keldon get hot over the next four games. Bring PJ back and i like our chances to bring home #9

  3. With PJ, this team is in the hunt.

    Without PJ, this team is done.

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