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Stoops wants quarterback Terry Wilson to make fundamental improvements

Terry Wilson (Vicky Graff Photo)


Kentucky started spring football practice Monday — the same day many Kentucky school systems were out for snow and icy road conditions.

However, one major plus for UK is the return of quarterback Terry Wilson, last year’s starter for a team that won 10 games and the Citrus Bowl.

Coach Mark Stoops is looking for improvement in all fundamental areas from his junior quarterback.

“It starts with him fundamentally playing the game and studying fundamentals and being more efficient and more accurate. They have worked hard. Coach Hinshaw and him have watched a lot of film and were out there today really working on fundamentals,” Stoops said. “I think being more comfortable in the offense year two and having a full year under his belt is growth.

“We want that in all positions, but I think you understand the importance of that at quarterback. I think getting the reps under your belt and seeing it and winning 10 games in the SEC is a pretty big deal. ”

Stoops said every player regardless of position needs to do the same things to improve.

“I just said that to the team and Josh Allen happened to be out there and I didn’t bring it up, but I think they all could see him over my shoulder. But, just talk about getting better. Just incrementally getting better each and every day,” Stoops said.

“Sometimes, I think you hear me talk and think it is just coach speak, but it is the absolute truth. You have to get better each and every day and take the coaching and take the medicine and take the strength and conditioning and the nutrition.

“Do things right every day and put it on top of another day and have a solid week and the next thing you know, you have a solid spring and now you are going to see growth. That is what we are constantly trying to work on.”

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