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The Boot, The Hole and The Bruins

PJ Washington (Vicky Graff Photo)

By TINA COX, Contributing Writer

JACKSONVILLE — Kentucky fans wanted a few questions answered today.  
— Why is PJ in a Boot?
— Will Abilene Christian’s Coach really have a hole in his pants?
— Will Coach Cal leave Kentucky for the UCLA Bruins job?
It didn’t take long for the announcement to come today that the “boot” was removed for a hard cast.  Panic ensued and John Calipari responded with the usual reassurances.  Then PJ shows up at the game with not only a hard cast but on a scooter.  The media scrambled to get a picture and again the fan base panicked. 
Is there an answer?  No there is not.  It is a wait and see process.  My gut feeling is we won’t see PJ until next weekend in Kansas City.  The good news is that Cal is still “swaggy.”
The famous hole in the Coach’s pants.  Abilene Chrisitan coach Joe Golding ripped his pants during the Wildcats win in their conference tournament last weekend.  In his press conference earlier in the week he informed us there is no tailor available to repair his suit and so he was going to wear it tonight.  This story intrigued me.  Arriving at the Veterans Memorial Arena tonight I was determined to get close enough to see if indeed the pants had a hole.  I tried to get close enough without seeming obvious and yes I did get close.  I am fairly certain I can state his pants did not have a hole in them.
Calipari is in talks to become the new head coach at UCLA.  Are they coming after Cal?  They would be ignorant to not try, as many others have.  We all know Cal loves the spotlight and Los Angeles is where the lights shine the brightest.  It is the land of celebrities, sport teams and millionaires. 
In Kentucky Cal is the celebrity, the rock star and the main attraction.  In Los Angeles he would simply be a small star among many brighter ones.  Bring it UCLA.  Cal isn’t going anywhere.  After all, who would give up Pikeville to Paducah.
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  1. Let me comment on the UCLA rumor. If there is nothing to it Calipari should say so now. Since, as far as I know, he has not makes me believe there is something there. So all you experts on VV’s like Mike, Catmandoo, Cats79, Hornet1, others…who would you hire to replace him? Say what you will, but Calipari would be hard to replace. If he does go, I won’t lose any sleep over it. That said, Barnhart would have a difficult task for sure.

    1. Not that it matters now……..but bring back Rick Pitino..
      Wouldn’t that rub salt and sand and broken glass into lil brother?

      1. John, hope you are kidding, LOL.

  2. Pup that would be a good question about cal replacement if he decides to leave, of course in my opinion I really think he’s here until retirement. One guy that I wouldn’t mind to have is Brad Stevens he can flat out coach.

    1. Yeah, he is a good coach, but who ever it would be, they have to be able to recruit.

  3. Mark Few

  4. Hornet I thought about him also good choice.

  5. I am hearing that we won’t see PJ again in a UK uniform.

    1. I hope that’s not the case, but if it is…
      As my dear departed mother had a habit of saying when something was amiss,
      “There’s a flaw in the slaw”.

  6. Professor, I thought the same way day or two ago, but now I’m hearing he wants to play to help to win no.9. When you here say or read say in today’s media world dosent gives the actual facts that we grew up to trust here or read.

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