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Upcoming NFL draft will make impact with UK recruits

Bunchy Stallings (UK Athletics Photo)


Bud Dupree was the 22nd overall pick in the 2015 NFL draft by the Pittsburgh Steelers and brought some needed attention to the Kentucky football program when coach Mark Stoops was just starting his rebuilding effort.

“What Bud did a few years ago was good for the program but this year’s draft is going to be huge with Josh (Allen) and then what is going to occur after that. You are just going to keep seeing that Kentucky logo show up in the draft,” Kentucky recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow said looking ahead to the April draft.

Marrow says having a player picked in the top three to five like Allen, the consensus national defensive player of the year, is projected to be gives UK a “strong start” to the draft.

“Everybody is watching and seeing that. Players we are recruiting see that and remember that,” Marrow said.

The difference will be that after Dupree was drafted the Cats had just one more player picked — Za’Darius Smith in the fourth round. This year Marrow knows a lot more Cats will be picked.

“I would not be shocked if we have 10 guys drafted. A lot of guys tell me that George (Asafo-Adjei) and Bunchy (Stallings) are going to be drafted,” Marrow said.

He also noted that some NFL scouts had talked to him about defensive lineman Tymere Dubose and receiver Dorian Baker, who had 55 catches in 2015 as a sophomore but just 27 combined in his junior and senior seasons.

“Say what you want about Dorian but he is 6-3, 218 pounds. He can run. He might run a 4.4 (second 40-yard dash at UK’s Pro Day),” Marrow said. “He’s still such an intriguing player. He can be a very physical player.

“I don’t know what might happen with him, Tymere, Bunchy, George. But they all got a chance to be drafted. You are going to see our name (Kentucky) every day of the draft. That’s why having Josh go so high is big, but having all these other guys go after him just makes this whole draft bigger and hopefully the start of what we can do every year.”


  1. This is good stuff for UK football. no doubt. I hope they all get drafted. That said, in Coach Marrow’s reference to Dorian Baker, IMO he was never utilized quite like he should have been, or at least what I thought he should have been in 2018. 2015 was a great year for him in Dawson’s offense. He could be a great receiver in the NFL under the right kind of offense. I am a big fan of Dorian Baker. I hope he tears the NFL up.

  2. I remember meeting The Babe, Bob Gain, and The Bear at the Eagles Club in St. Matthews, Ky. and celebrating the victory over Oklahoma by riding down Broadway in the back of my brother’s chopped 32 roadster. Then the Dark Days came and all the heart break loses that never seemed to stop. The Sun has finally come out again and I can hardly wait to see how many of our guys make it into the next level. Last year was certainly enjoyable and a tip of the hat and best wishes to all of last year’s players-you did the State of Kentucky proud!

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