Vince Marrow says Josh Allen was already leading “professional life” during his senior season

Josh Allen (UK Athletics Photo)


Kentucky recruiting coordinator Vince Marrow says Josh Allen’s high profile on NFL draft day will be “huge” for the Kentucky football program since he came to UK as a two-star recruit that had only one other Division I scholarship offer.

“He was a kid that nobody really wanted and to watch his progression to grow to become one of the best college defensive players I have seen in a long time was remarkable,” Marrow said. “Me and Josh got close.

“NFL people want to know what kind of kid they are getting for all this money. I tell them he is one of the most humble kids I have ever seen. When he decided to come back (for his senior season), Josh could have been running around here, going to clubs, hanging out, chasing girls. He was totally opposite. He was leading the married, professional life going into his senior year.”

Allen became the consensus national defensive player of the year, something Marrow said was “great” for him and the program. He’s considered a likely top three pick in April’s draft in almost every mock draft.

“But it was not a surprise. That is what Mark Stoops wanted this program to be. We want to win awards just like kids at Ohio State and Alabama. We can do all that here and Josh proved that,” Marrow said.

“Josh is going to change the direction of his family’s life in two months. It can be a generational change for him and to think you helped recruit a kid like that is pretty special. He is ready and I am really excited for him.”

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