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Why did some Tennessee players refuse to comment on future of program?

Admiral Schofield had “no comment” about the future of Tennessee basketball during a NCAA tourney press conference Wednesday in Louisville. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Tennessee will play Purdue Thursday night in Louisville in the Sweet Sixteen and I’ve got to admit that an answer some Tennessee players gave to what seemed like a really simple question to answer surprised me.  I am not sure whether some players thought they were being disrespected or what when they had a chance to talk about the future of Tennessee basketball.

See what you think about the question and “no comment” from three of the Tennessee starters.

Q. For all you guys, the Tennessee program has not enjoyed upper tier success, Final Four type success before. How much does that mean to you guys in terms of the equity that you’re building for the future of this program? This is for everybody, starting with Grant, going down the line.

GRANT WILLIAMS: We definitely coming in, being recruited here, we wanted to leave our legacy and we wanted to lay a foundation for future prospects to come here. I feel like we’ve done a good job of that. There’s more to do and more to prove. But so far, we’re doing our job, and we’ve just got to keep it up.

ADMIRAL SCHOFIELD: I don’t have a comment.

JORDAN BONE: You know, just Tennessee basketball history, it means a lot to be one of the teams that people look forward to watching. And like he mentioned, we’re a team who we feel like we’re going to leave our legacy here when we leave. We still have a lot more work to do. It doesn’t stop here. We’ve got to keep pushing so we can be the team that we want to be and have recruits who want to play for a team like this.


KYLE ALEXANDER: They pretty much covered it.

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  1. Williams and Bone pretty much said it all didn’t they? The question was sort of disrespectful to the UT basketball program too.

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