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Benny Snell’s parents always “hug and thank” Bunchy Stallings for what “he did for Benny”

Bunchy Stallings (UK Athletics Photo)


No one would like to see Kentucky offensive lineman Bunchy Stallings get picked in next week’s NFL draft more than April Snell.

She knows what Stallings did the last three years to help her son, Benny Snell, become the all-time leading rusher at Kentucky.

“Bunchy is an outstanding young man. Every time we see him, no matter where it is, we hug him and thank him for what he did for Benny,” April Snell said. 

“Benny might have got to be the face of the program for scoring touchdowns but he would not have got into the end zone without that line. Benny would thank them all the time and so did we.

“Bunchy is just amazing. His whole family is. He’s been through so much. He’s a very humble young man and I still think he has a very bright future ahead of him.”

Her son does, too, and could go as high as the third round in the draft. However, April Snell doesn’t see drastic changes coming in her life.

“I have worked at State Farm for 15 years. I am a life underwriter. That’s what I do,” April Snell said. “I don’t see anything changing any time soon.

“It would be nice for him to do well and help us out a little bit but I am not expecting to quit my job any time soon. I just want him to have a long, healthy career and make it to his second contract.”

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  1. That is a nice sentiment and gesture toward Bunchy. And, it is obvious that Benny has a great family or he wouldn’t be the great young man he is.

    It pained me, though, to see Benny’s mother wanting him to make enough “to help out a little bit.” It has always been my hope that my children will do better than I, but I can’t imagine them feeling the pressure to try to help take care of me.

    I wish Benny the best, and I would sure love to see him become a Tennessee Titan.

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