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Calipari wonders what makes some national media “mad” about his new contract

John Calipari. (Jeff Houchin Photo)


If you know Kentucky coach John Calipari at all you had to know he was going to eventually have something to say to national media critics who blasted UK’s decision to give him a “lifetime” contract extension earlier this week just one day after the Cats lost in the Elite Eight to Auburn.

He did just that in a not so subtle way Wednesday when he went on ESPN’s Get Up knowing the contract extension obviously would be the main topic of conversation.

“There are people that, I don’t know if it’s their opinion or their hope, but they get mad and it’s like, ‘Why are you mad? What’s this make you mad about?’ Our fans are happy, our administration is happy, I’m happy. I guess that’s all it’s about,” Calipari said.

I would actually suggest he should have said “most of our fans are happy” because some have been grumbling even thought Calipari has 305 wins, seven Elight Eights, four Final Fours and one national title in 10 years.

Calipari even correctly noted that lifetime contract could have different meaning to different people.

“A lifetime contract, sometimes they declare you dead in three years,” Calipari said. “So you never know with this stuff how it goes.”


  1. Jealous Krzyshitski groupies are gonna piss and moan…Nothing new.

  2. haters, jealous….not just towards Cal but anything related to Kentucky basketball.

  3. Can’t please them all. Let them talk. I’m glad he is staying

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