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Could Nate Sestina become media darling, fan favorite?

Nate Sestina (Bucknell Athletics Photo)


Nate Sestina is transferring from Bucknell to Kentucky as a graduate transfer, but if a former teammate is right it won’t take long for Sestina to make himself right at home.

“If you’re looking for a media darling and fan favorite, Sesti is your guy! He’s warm, humble and definitely isn’t hard on the eyes. He will most definitely fill that role,” said former Bucknell teammate Matt O’Reilly.

O’Reilly is from California but knows plenty about Kentucky basketball because he played his high school senior season at Prolific Prep, a team that came to Kentucky to play in several basketball showcases while he was there.

“We played in a couple of tournaments, playing primarily at McCracken County High School. We were met with ridiculous hospitality — credit to Melanie Burkeen, a member of BBN, and the entire Burkeen family who welcomed us with open arms and made us feel like family,” O’Reilly said.

“One of my teammates and close friends Josh Jackson actually took an unofficial visit to Kentucky on one of our trips and I joined him. I have had a couple of close friends join BBN, like Skal Labissiere for example, and have seen the ways in which it can change your life.”

O’Reilly says the 6-9 Sestina is someone Kentucky fans are going to love.

“He is super family oriented and generated his values through his love for his family and God and that shows. He’ll do anything for you if he loves you and he has a pretty infectious attitude,” O’Reilly said. “He’s from a very small town (Emporium, Pa.) and that frequently shows, but that’s not a negative thing by any means.

“He’s very down to earth, values the important things in life, and is a really fun guy to be around. He used to be incredibly shy, but he’s grown a lot as an individual and his personality and warmth has become one of his strongest traits. Can’t say enough good things about the guy.”



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