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Even when it comes to UNO, Kentucky guard Immanuel Quickley is competitive

Immanuel Quickley (Vicky Graff Photo)


Basketball season is over but if freshman point guard Immanuel Quickley spends any time with his family he’ll likely be involved in a “competitive” game of UNO, a card game.

“Immanuel is very calm, very reserved away from basketball but he likes to have fun,” his aunt, Demetria Caldwell, said. “Our family plays a lot of UNO. It’s intense. If he is not the best, he shows it. We have all had to clean up the cards (when they get thrown after someone loses). You can’t take away the heart of a champion.”

Of course, his aunt is a bit competitive, too. She was offered a college basketball scholarship to Morgan State but turned it down because her older sister, Immanuel’s mother, went there and played basketball.

“She was always my role model, but I didn’t want to follow that same path,” Caldwell said. “I soon found out it was pretty costly to go to college after I turned down the scholarship. My brother is an engineer and offered to pay but I told him I was too smart to have to depend on anybody to pay off my bills.”

She joined the National Guard, got her college paid for and obtained her computer certification.

“I got offered the opportunity to stay (in the National Guard) and be an officer. I was in for eight years,” Caldwell said. “That is just the kind of drive our family has and Immanuel certainly has plenty of that, too.”

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  1. Sounds like a fun family. Our family loves UNO, too. My mother was the Queen of it – she could beat anyone.

    I love his demeanor on and off the court. I bet we see a big improvement this year.

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