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Jacksonville knows it has the “right individual” with Josh Allen

Josh Allen had his son, Wesley, with him at Friday’s press conference.


During his introductory press conference Friday in Jacksonville, Kentucky All-American linebacker Josh Allen tried to explain the durability that allowed him to play in every game at Kentucky the last four seasons.

“I was just trying to take care of my body every day. I went to treatment room and got treatment, tried to stretch and stay as flexible as I could. Over years it paid off and I am going to keep doing that,” Allen said.

Jacksonville certainly hopes after making Allen the seventh overall pick in Thursday’s NFL draft. Most mock drafts had Allen going earlier in the draft and the Jags were thrilled that Allen, the national consensus defensive player of the year, was available when they picked.

“We know we have the right individual with his work ethic and passion for the game. We think he has a very high ceiling for us,” Jacksonville general manager Dave Caldwell said Friday. “About a week ago, I started doing some due diligence and talking to people around the league, and this was the guy who kept coming up like, ‘Hey, he might be there because of what some teams need and what some teams are going to go with.’”

Caldwell said the Jags had decided if Allen was available, they were taking him “regardless of others” who might be available and no matter what trade offers came even though he said the team only got one trade call and that was from a team picking “way down” in the first round that the Jags wanted no part of.

“It would have had to have been something significant and we weren’t moving into the 20’s for what they were offering,” Caldwell said.

Allen is glad the Jags didn’t waver in their support of him

“I’m about to go to an organization that really strives to sack the quarterback; that’s what I love to do. I can’t wait to get started,” Allen said. “We have a great defense and I am willing to do my part and be as dynamic a person as I can be.”

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