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John Young knows where he’s going to college, will make it public Monday

John Young with UK coach Mark Stoops.


He’s down to six schools and will make his college choice Monday between 6 and 7 p.m. on Twitter and other forms of social media.

However, Louisville Christian Academy offensive lineman John Young already knows whether it will be Kentucky, Louisville, Purdue, Ohio State, Michigan or Georgia — his six finalists.

“I think I have my mind made up,” said Young during an interview on WKYB-FM with me Thursday.

He doesn’t plan to talk to coaches of any of the six schools, including the one he will commit to, until Monday.

He knows telling five coaches no will be hard.

“I have built relationship with all these head coaches,” young said. “I just have to do what is right for me and what is right for my family, but it will still be tough telling those coaches no.”

Young got his first Division I scholarship offer his freshman year and says it has been a “long, fun process” to this point.

“There will only be one time in my life that I get to do this,” Young said. “Once I commit, then the process starts of getting ready for the team I will eventually play for. Getting to take all these visits and meet coaches who are legends in the game has been great. But I am excited about making my decision. I’m not a big ceremony guy, though, so that’s why I am just going to announce on social media.”

Young says he’ll have no trouble keeping his decision to himself until Monday

“I get asked about it all the time, but it’s not like people are bugging me. I get it,” Young said.

He’s a little more anxious about how his father might handle the next few days.

“Dad has always been excited for me to play college football. I think he might have trouble not telling people at work,” Young said. “But he knows Monday we can celebrate.”

Once Young makes his decision, that’s it. He says there will be no wavering, no soft commit, no hard commit, no other visits. He will be all-in with his team.

“After I commit, my recruitment is shut down. I will be fully 100 percent committed. I will not take any other official visits. There will be no de-commitment. That’s just now how I am,” Young said.


  1. However it goes, he sounds like a fine young man. I like a man that keeps his word once he gives it. I will wait to see if it is Kentucky. I sure hope so.

  2. Come on down Big John, Kentucky needs you.

  3. Coach Mike would love to have this guy in his stable..LOL..he seems like a fine young man from a great family.

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