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Kash Daniel appreciates how Mark Stoops lets players “be who we are” on the field

Kash Daniel. (Photo by Chet White | UK Athletics)


Don’t expect Kentucky linebacker Kash Daniel to have anything bad to say about coach Mark Stoops.

He appreciates the way Stoops lets him and others “be who we are” on the football field without harnessing their personalities too much.

“He has been a player’s coach and a dream to play for,” Daniel said. “He will always have your back and let you be you are. You have got to know when to play and when to be serious.

“He wants us to be passionate with our play but to also be in control. I call it controlled madness. I can lose my mind on Saturday (during games) and not get in trouble. But I know I can’t cost us 15 yards (with a penalty) every play, either.”

Daniel could be UK’s defensive leader next season because of his experience and personality. He also has quite a way with words.

“Football is a barbaric sport. It is very violent and you have to have this aggression about you and meanness about you to be a good player, especially on defense,” Daniel said.

“You want to throw a punch or do this but you also don’t want to cost your team. The best thing to do is just bite your mouthpiece and hit the guy as hard as you can the next play.

“I am the guy who gets in other players’ heads. I don’t let them get in my head.”


  1. He is a football player plain and simple. He lays the wood.

    1. He and coach Mike (verbally)…just read recap of the spring game. Sounds like the offense had their way and the quarterbacks were outstanding, but as usual, Gunnar didn’t get much recognition. Maybe the secondary is going to be even worse than we could have imagined.

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