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Kicker Chance Poore shows the different dimension he could add to UK’s offense

Chance Poore . (Vicky Graff Photo)


It was just one play that really didn’t impact the outcome of Friday’s Blue-White Game at all but it was a play that showed what a dramatic impact kicker Chance Poore could have on Kentucky’s 2019 season.
Poore, a redshirt freshman, drilled a 52-yard field goal that easily cleared the cross bar.

“That was nice to see. Obviously no pressure,” Kentucky coach Mark Stoops said. “But it was good to see. He hit it, he hit it, put a good thump on it. I was standing right behind it. You could hear it come right off his foot. It was good to see.”

Especially since Kentucky did not have a consistent deep field goal threat last year that obviously altered the way Kentucky’s offense sometimes had to call plays in scoring territory.

“We’ve been working on a lot of kicks this spring and I’m glad we got the opportunity to do that, especially in the spring game to give me a little more confidence going into the season,” Poore said. “I’m just glad I got an opportunity to do that.”

He agreed that the kick would have been good from farther out than 52 years.

“Stoops had a little something to say to me after the game. He said, ‘Good game’ and we laughed it off walking off the field, but I don’t know how far back we could have gone (and the kick still been good). Just thankful for the opportunity to get a kick like that.”

Poore is just happy to see a major role where he can help the Cats next season after redshirting last year.

“I really appreciate this whole team. They’ve just really helped me through this and honestly this is the best team I’ve ever played with,” Poore said.

“These players, they all help me. My teammates help me a lot and they boost my confidence every day. I appreciate that. That’s how they get me through the season and through the ups and downs. They’re always with me no matter what and I really appreciate that.”

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