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Logan Stenberg adding technical expertise to go with his natural toughness

Logan Stenberg talks with UK offensive line coach John Schlarman. (Vicky Graff Photo)


Recruiting rankings don’t always measure how much a player might develop in college and Kentucky senior offensive lineman Logan Stenberg of Alabama has made himself into one of the SEC’s best guards.

Stenberg has always been an aggressive, physical player. During spring practice offensive line coach John Schlarman encouraged him to become improve his techniques and he did.

“Logan is a really good player for us. He’s has always been a physical guy. But he’s becoming much more technical too. That’s what we really challenged him to do this offseason. Don’t just go out there and be the guy that mauls everybody. Go out there and be a guy that does it with good technique and consistency,” Schlarman said.

“That’s where I see his game growing. He’s not just a guy that comes out there and mauls people. He’s playing more disciplined. He’s not getting the late stuff where he gets a penalty in a game setting. That’s something we can build on too.”

Stenberg figures to be playing on the same side with junior Landon Young, who redshirted last season after tearing his ACL in the preseason. Stoops was pleased with how the two played together during spring practice.

“They have some chemistry going there and give us two tough, physical players on that side of the line,” Stoops said.


  1. Good article. Need more football stories like this one. Logan will be a force on the UK OL this year. So glad Young is back and ready.

  2. This is going to be a real tough tandem…maybe the best in the SEC! Can hardly wait to see how it plays out.

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